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  1. Thank you gingerbeer you have done an amazing job and gone above and beyond in your dedication and the copious time you've invested in the forum. Your input over the years has been incredibly valuable and your level headed way of dealing with situations that have arisen has served the forum well. I want to wish you all the very best as you transition out of this role and I am very glad you will still be around as a member It has been a pleasure working with you and I cannot express how very grateful I am for all you've done. You have certainly left some big shoes to fill!! Which leads me to my next thought....... Who will be our next admin? If any member wishes to nominate themselves or has a suggestion for someone they think would be great for this role please PM me
  2. What does this do....

    African Spam on Angel's Wall


  3. It is to follow... although the mobile interface of the new forum is quite good and will also send you alerts and notifications
  4. I guess we are all use to it being difficult Got to start looking for horses now before we start looking for zebra's
  5. Yes we do Click on the browse menu up your top right and their you will find chat please note its limited numbers so its first in first served have fun
  6. I'm creating this thread for members to place their appreciation for @Caramels Fishy Friends I will start off by saying... Thanks for supporting this great site, QLDAF.
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  8. Happy for someone to put there hand up and moderate and run it every week.. Plenty of the sponsors want to give away goodies to our members
  9. Thanks everyone that came and helped. Once dismantled it was an easier job than expected. The scissor lift made things much easier
  10. I think we have around 5 coming we should be able to do it with that
  11. Yep we are on for tomorrow... Wednesday Afternoon 5:30 PM @ Redland Pet Centre
  12. Champion ^^^^ Just Saying
  13. Can you give Russ a call at the shop to see. He can possibly store it in a shipping container until Wednesday. Pm me your number for a chat
  14. Sounds like a good deal We are also offering everyone that comes a chance to WIN a brand new 6500K LED Light 100-120cm. Basically everyone that helps will be given a raffle ticket to win it. If we get 8 helpers then its a 1 in 8 chances of winning. I you come along and bring a few mates then your chances increase (that is as long as they are willing to donate it to you if the win)
  15. Good to know but unfortunately the height we need to lift from is about 160cm (they only go to about 70cm) we have a trolley that we lift onto just need to lift it down