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  1. Hi mate, really interested in your motoro x.....I would like to view ur ray tomorrow if possible 5-11-17, I’m close by at Yandina crk, gis a shout on 0468911101..... cheers Garry 

  2. The wounds are starting to flatten off a little and he's back eating, wc tonight, I'll start pimafix with the melafix and salt, see if that can seal off the wounds. I feel they maybe there forever though. Thanks delapool for the heads up on pimafix, definitely worth a shot
  3. No, not flashing. I've removed most of the tank decor and added aquarium salt 1g/1lt along with the melafix. The ruptured growths haven't changed much, they haven't multiplied, there is a slight discharge though. He's still not eating and now noticeably losing weight. I've tried soaking food in garlic guard still not interested. Can u suggest any other medication? I've got limited use and knowledge of any medicines. He's always responded well to melafix but unfortunately not this time
  4. Hi all, im a bit worried about some large lumps that have ruptured on my jags swim fins and another 1 on his lower gill plate . It started about 2 weeks ago he went off his food, swimming a little erratic bumping into things loosing a few scales then white lumps that grew rapidly now ruptured, he bearly moves from his log. I've moved tank mates out and have done a full week of melafix treatment, wwc due tonight. Google search gets me to tuberculosis that has put the fear of God in me. I've had this fish his whole life 6 yrs in good health and clean conditions, could anyone here possibly diagnose this and help me with a planned treatment? TIA
  5. Hi everyone, Ive been keeping freshwater fish for a couple of years, I'm doing a bit of tank shuffling at moment, a few fish in a 7x2 as my main display. I've freed up a 5x3x700 to hopefully find a suitable fish, maybe even a few. I definitely have to cull my dream list into something a bit more realistic, and legal. My love of big tanks also needs a cap. My dream of building a home around a 12x4 will probably get me divorced, so I'm keeping that 1 under wraps for a while. Maybe 1 day, u never know hey!
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