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  1. i'm not buying anywhere much, i'm not selling here or facebook much either, i've stopped breeding most things and any extras i get i now trade with a couple aquarium shops for food and supplies, i only sell some used dry goods i have no use for, or list a couple things on my auction group, like mixed guppies, i found breeding and selling took over my life, so we stopped and have more time for fishing and visiting family and friends, still keep plenty of different fish/catfish, but for my pleasure now, not others,
  2. i have sold up 99% of my africans, just kept a couple pairs of my special flamebacks which have given me about 20 fry to grow up, these are different to the norm, i'm hoping to grow my colony to a point i can share them around, but still awhile away from that yet, also buying a colony of mirror balls soon, so from having around 30/40 colonies down to just 2, i'm playing with convicts, more so jellybean convicts, after 2 years i've worked them out and have my first jellybean fry growing, like them, or hate them, its keeping me interested at the moment, i've also gone back to keeping different bristle nose and some L'S, and peps, i currently have around a heap of adult peps chilling in a few 4x2's, also got common, albino and marbles, short and long fins, L333's that carry the albino gen, and some L397's, all still under 12 months old, so just growing, got a couple pairs of neon blue acaras that i might try to breed with later on, i've given up breeding to much, more so just enough that i trade with a couple places for food to keep my hobby going, still got plenty of tanks and water, but have sold a few racks i've also retired as a mod, so i can go back to just enjoying my hobby again and to give me more time to go fishing,
  3. i got a nice adult albino longfin male to add to my colony, a nice sub adult marble longfin to add to my colony, 10 black cherry shrimp, my bargain for the night, 60+ ial for $11, took 2 bags, buyers remorse, plenty, but not bidding on the pair of 202s for $80 , seeing as i have a lonely male waiting for a girl and a drinking buddy, over all it was a good night,
  4. merge it into one, have a section for all clubs to post in, put it down the bottom, instead of having the auction posts everywhere, direct them into the clubs section, seeing as the clubs run them, maybe call it clubs and auctions you could have a sticky for each club, add websites, addresses and meeting times, that way members can easily find a club and where they have their meetings,
  5. should do it for the week @gingerbeer , mine was all about water changes, sorting out pep and common bn fry, moved a colony of peps, (3m , 12fm) into a 4x2x2 that had another colony of 10, which most were males,
  6. so its only going to cost if you host the photos to another website or forum, its still free to use to store photos, ?
  7. locking this one up for now so we don't confuse members, this was last years auction, thanks,
  8. nice place to hold auctions, was a good night apart from not many africans lol, bought some albino and common longfins, and jules got some more guppies/platties for her huge display tank, ohhh and lets not forget about my bargain lump of drift wood lol,
  9. they didn't replace pets and ponds, and no, they have nothing to do with pets and ponds, 2 separate businesses, aquaholics are a dry goods warehouse and sell african cichlids, they are huge, they more sell online but do have a shop front where you can view and buy their fish, and pick up dry goods,
  10. was posted on fishbreeders twice and is still there somewhere, but yes the 4th feb is confirmed, auction starts at 5pm, NOTE NEW TIMES Fish in from 4.30pm Auction starts 6.00pm Graeme
  11. aquaholics online @ forest glen not sure if they are open but you can check out what they have on their website, good quality africans and some plecos, mostly from local breeders, 354 Mons Road (Under Shops In Main Street) www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/
  12. gingerbeer has left very very big boots to fill, i should remind you all that serious names be pmed to webmaster as requested, while you are all throwing names around please remember you can also nominate yourself, and as techy said,
  13. welcome back mate, once your hooked there is no way out, i have been fighting the urge to sell up and have a break, i start selling a few colonies then i see something nice and next minute my empty tank has a new colony, my heart and mind won't to keep going, but sadly the body keeps telling me i need to cut back, in the end the body will win, but just not yet, we need to catch up for a chat one day soon,
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  16. hahah i remember them, caused a real stir, people running from all directions to get a look
  17. hey mate, i saw you there and didn't get a chance to catch up, seemed to be the go last night, heaps of guppy males sold, but only 1 bag of females, i mean who wants 20 males and no females lol,
  18. no natives at all, yes some nice rams were sold
  19. steve and stacey kept the crowd amused, and did a great job as auctioneers as normal, all the other helpers did a great job seeing as there were a couple out with medical issues, i was a bit disappointed with the items, or lack of certain things, plenty of nice plants and wood, a few yanks and tropicals, only 1 pep bn, not many bn compared to normal auctions, hardly any africans and 0000 shrimp, so if you went for nice africans and shrimp you went home with your money, lol, like i did, i did buy a couple plants and a nice piece of wood, had a good time and caught up with some friends, all in all a good social night that was well run, but lacked what i wanted,
  20. over on the right, it has a little heart shape next to it,
  21. pfffff, over grown feeders, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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