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  1. locking this one up for now so we don't confuse members, this was last years auction, thanks,
  2. nice place to hold auctions, was a good night apart from not many africans lol, bought some albino and common longfins, and jules got some more guppies/platties for her huge display tank, ohhh and lets not forget about my bargain lump of drift wood lol,
  3. they didn't replace pets and ponds, and no, they have nothing to do with pets and ponds, 2 separate businesses, aquaholics are a dry goods warehouse and sell african cichlids, they are huge, they more sell online but do have a shop front where you can view and buy their fish, and pick up dry goods,
  4. starting to look good mark,
  5. was posted on fishbreeders twice and is still there somewhere, but yes the 4th feb is confirmed, auction starts at 5pm, NOTE NEW TIMES Fish in from 4.30pm Auction starts 6.00pm Graeme
  6. block his number on your mobile,
  7. aquaholics online @ forest glen not sure if they are open but you can check out what they have on their website, good quality africans and some plecos, mostly from local breeders, 354 Mons Road (Under Shops In Main Street) www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/
  8. gingerbeer has left very very big boots to fill, i should remind you all that serious names be pmed to webmaster as requested, while you are all throwing names around please remember you can also nominate yourself, and as techy said,
  9. hahahaahahahahahhaha
  10. Hi there,

    Any chance you still had and wanted to sell some steanocranus casuarius?


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    2. steveandjules


      how many did you want, they will be $20 each plus shipping , 



    3. P4rker


      Hey sorry for the belated reply. I will have to house 20 -30 fish for 2 months for a friend so i wont have tank space until after christmas. I do still want the fish! can i contact  you again about them in the new year (or earlier if i can give them earlier).


    4. steveandjules


      no worries, 

      let me know when but i can't promise i will still have them, 



  11. welcome back mate, once your hooked there is no way out, i have been fighting the urge to sell up and have a break, i start selling a few colonies then i see something nice and next minute my empty tank has a new colony, my heart and mind won't to keep going, but sadly the body keeps telling me i need to cut back, in the end the body will win, but just not yet, we need to catch up for a chat one day soon,
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  14. Hi,

    I was wondering if you still had Mphanga's or know of anyone who has them.  Thanks

    1. steveandjules


      yes i still have some mpanga fry,