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  1. i have some extra mixed guppies and a couple endlers, i'm at stafford heights, $1 each,
  2. wtb; convicts

    hi mate, i can help you out, $15 a pair, they are already breeding, but only on their first or second batch, can do a pair of whites and striped, or can mix and match, you know where i am,
  3. This weekend in the fishroom 150717

    should do it for the week @gingerbeer , mine was all about water changes, sorting out pep and common bn fry, moved a colony of peps, (3m , 12fm) into a 4x2x2 that had another colony of 10, which most were males,
  4. Anyone got any convicts?

    and they are good quality to
  5. Anyone got any convicts?

    photo of the parents,
  6. Anyone got any convicts?

    i have a white pair if your interested in driving to stafford heights, they have bred, $15 for the pair, also have a couple extra females, white and striped
  7. Photobucket cash grab from hobbyists

    so its only going to cost if you host the photos to another website or forum, its still free to use to store photos, ?
  8. QCG Fish Only Auction Saturday May 14th

    locking this one up for now so we don't confuse members, this was last years auction, thanks,
  9. How was the Auction 8/04/2017?

    nice place to hold auctions, was a good night apart from not many africans lol, bought some albino and common longfins, and jules got some more guppies/platties for her huge display tank, ohhh and lets not forget about my bargain lump of drift wood lol,
  10. Quality on the Sunshine Coasr

    they didn't replace pets and ponds, and no, they have nothing to do with pets and ponds, 2 separate businesses, aquaholics are a dry goods warehouse and sell african cichlids, they are huge, they more sell online but do have a shop front where you can view and buy their fish, and pick up dry goods,
  11. Aluminium stands

    starting to look good mark,

    was posted on fishbreeders twice and is still there somewhere, but yes the 4th feb is confirmed, auction starts at 5pm, NOTE NEW TIMES Fish in from 4.30pm Auction starts 6.00pm Graeme
  13. Scamming scum at it again

    block his number on your mobile,