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  1. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    Try John Howard......
  2. Auction this weekend

    You don’t realise what we stand to lose until it is gone.
  3. Auction this weekend

    Remember the last few auctions have been great for buyers. Do you want quality fish at a wholesale price?????
  4. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    I think the current trend is marine and planted. Possibly as options available have changed.
  5. Redlands to Close

    The forum is a seperate entity and discussion. The forum certainly depends upon all sponsors for both their financial contribution and sharing of new products and techniques for the hobby. Without regular paying involved sponsors the forum would be in serious trouble. This thread is about the closing of Redlands. This store and Russ have been great friends and contributors to the aquarium and pet hobby, QLDAF and many individuals. I encourage everyone with time to drop in and thank Russ and the staff for all they have done. Many will not recognise that Russ deliberately placed the forum in the hands of hobbyists to run, and his only instruction was value the contribution of clubs. There were many rumours spread at the time about his plans, but the truth is that we were allowed to run the forum for the hobby, and Redlands and Russ stepped back to ensure no appearance of favouritism. Personally I do say thanks guys. The long history of Christmas specials, the Bay trip, the exclusive QLDAF specials will be a big loss for the forum. Any visit to the store was a pleasure. Thanks for the ongoing support and best wishes to all the staff for the next step. Let us know how you are doing. . GET INTO THE STORE. SAY THANKS FOR QLDAF, AND GRAB A BARGAIN! Thanks, Steve
  6. Where to repashy on gold coast

    If ordering on line suggest check with our sponsors first. Techden stocks this product I know. Not sure about the others. Thanks, Steve
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  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Facebook Fails

    I am sorry, but the facebook overnight experts amuse me. Most recent is a post with a pair of Brasiliensis asking if they are Jack Dempsey. The “expert” says, no, they are flowerhorns..... What is the biggest facebook fish fail you have seen. No links or names please. Steve
  10. Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    @ageofaquariums Donny. Don’t tell anyone I agree with you but.... Australian collected is much better IMO. Buying marines I like to ask about collection, and my preferred suppliers buy mainly Aus collected.
  11. Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    Glad you mention Marine. Surely Marine must be the least ethical. Depends on wild caught fish, and many especially off shore are caught in an extremely destructive manner to fish survival and reef survival. How many marine fish should not be sold?
  12. Why a marine Nano

    @tdj5 pm @Pet_City and ask for the QLDAF special...... LOL @HaydnRex I have been going manual removal. I had a good pair of decorus and bought a bicolour Benny from a non sponsor, and got some funky wasting disease. Will look for the liquids post and consider. Thanks..... Steve
  13. Why a marine Nano

    @tdj5 - decorated fire fish. @Pet_City had two bonded pairs. This pair I could see seemed better bonded. @The Tech Den Tank has been going about 12 months. Corals on left are older, corals on right are newer. Fish I picked up Saturday. Thanks, Steve
  14. Why a marine Nano

    Shots of my marine. This Is a nano done to keep things simple. Shows the possible. Ignore the algaem unless you have tips to remove. Seve