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  1. 60 mm panels!!!!!! WHAT SIZE TANK........
  2. gingerbeer

    old member returns

    old? Try Ancient.......
  3. Are any around?
  4. Techden had some real nice panda orandas. Can’t say I have seen panda shubunkin in my travels. Steve
  5. 0B6CEB5B-E6DE-4BF8-BD22-FDE961BEFA49.MOV
  6. gingerbeer

    Fish Stores

    I have been doing the rounds, and there are some amazing fish around. Some nice Apisto’s, brilliant Tangs and more. What have you seen around lately?
  7. gingerbeer

    New here!

    You have to make a certain number of posts to get access. No good asking me the number...... maybe 2? Or 3? Could be 4
  8. gingerbeer

    Auction soon?

    Are you saying it is on. I heard it was cancelled?
  9. gingerbeer

    Auction soon?

    I believe it is cancelled due to highly technical classified reasons......
  10. Tuan, That is fine that you are legal exporters but it does not matter. Australia has strict rules about import and the fish are not allowed to be imported. You are welcome to show your fish but not welcome to sell. We cannot buy. Thank you, Admin
  11. After discussion with Seachem they admit a product fault. Suggest it is an algae but it is internal to the device. Have you seen similar?
  12. I was out and about today and there is some nice dwarfs around at the moment and some good bargains. What did you get?
  13. For starting a new tank I like the idea of these as a quick continuous visual check. I accept that they will not be the most accurate but value them for the continuity. But please - what pH is this?
  14. gingerbeer

    What fish can I have with angelfish?

    I disagree with a lot of what I saw in the video and the chart. -sorry. Consider the water chemistry and you wipe out some of the comparable species. In my view forget all live bearers - different water as a general rule. Forget all barbs - fin nippers. Some tetras can be fin nippers too so be cautious os fish like say the black widow. Get something no too sensitive. Discus and Angel are a mix that must be careful with. On the other hang some small American cichlids can be ideal with Angels. Steve
  15. gingerbeer

    grown man buying toys

    Iove it!