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  2. Wanting to start saltwater nano tank

    Go see @Pet_City I buy my RO and premix from them. When I water change I use Salt water premix. When I top up and replace evaporation I use RO. It simplifies one level of the marine challenge.
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  4. Haters in the hobby

    In my view we have had more issues in the past with people acting against each other. Things seem calmer as a whole. (Been ages since I was threatened).
  5. Help with struggling plants

    A few thoughts. Plants have three needs. Fertiliser, CO2 and light. If these are out of balance then you get algae or growth issues. If you increase one you need to increase all. With fertilisers, iron does not last long in the water column. This is the reason you will notice the recommendation is does daily at 1/7 the weekly does. Crypts can melt when moved. This is not unsurprising. Are you getting new growth. The same with swords as they can be supplied with erersed growth. This means that they have to drop these leaves and grow there submerged leaves. Why have you dimmed the lights. I see no algae signs? The same with half dose of fertilisers. I would suggest add CO2. Look up DIY CO2.
  6. gymnogeophagus balzanii

    There are a few around QLD. May even be some at the auction. I think they may do well in a outdoor pond. Just make sure there is zero chance of escapees to the natural environment. Steve
  7. Imported Apistogramma

    The only problem with Melbourne water is you have to live in Melbourne.......
  8. Starting a new marine tank

    Fresh is all about the nitrogen cycle. Pretty simple. Marine there is is so many things happening it hurts my head. I have read it can be a year for all the cycles to be balanced. There are other cycles to consider. I have found a good water change still covers a multitude of sins
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  10. Imported Apistogramma

    I should have clarified and said Apistogramma other than borelii, cacatoides and aggies..... Try Gibbiceps, Incas, broadband... pm sent Rod
  11. Since the change in rules we went from plenty to almost none imported Apistogramma. Lately I have noticed there seem to be more good Apistogramma availed. What has changed?
  12. Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    Try John Howard......
  13. Auction this weekend

    You don’t realise what we stand to lose until it is gone.