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  1. unfortunately - no chance. In Brisbane you can find some OK rams, and common apisto’s. If you want exotic you will need to look at online sellers, store in NSW and VIc are the current leaders. Steve
  2. QLDAF Future

    I am still hopeful of people doing the right thing by the hobby. Steve
  3. Sick of it

    You seriously need a hug!
  4. QLDAF Future

  5. QLDAF Future

    So here is where we are. Many will be aware of the issues that are occurring at Aquaholics. I became aware as to the fact there were issues coming and stepped back in as Admin to attempt to insulate the forum from the dispute. We removed the Senior Mod Steve Brookes to insure no appearance of preference due to his involvement with Nigel on Fishbreeders. We could not tell Steve why. Sorry Steve! We have strived to keep the dispute away from QLDAF and avoid gossip. We have closed posts to ensure QLDAF is not dragged into any ongoing turmoil. We have a number of potential sponsors who I have been talking too and moving slowly (maybe stringing along). I cannot sign a new sponsor and ask for a commitment when the forum is under this cloud. I apologise to those good folks. It appears the efforts have failed. The QLDAF forum software account has been suspended and we are several updates behind leaving the forum susceptible to malware. The forum server has been turned off intermittently for some reason, and now we are facing new issues. QLDAF is a historic site and built on hobbyists information over many years. It still has value to the hobby and hobbyists. It belongs at least in part to the hobbyists of Queensland. So @jesse at @aquaholics. Being as your actions seem to indicate no interest in the ongoing future of this historic library, I ask you to hand your share of the forum over before the forum is dead. In return I promise I will: 1. Negotiate with the other claimants of ownership to establish an ongoing structure if possible. 2. Ensure that the position of Admin and Moderators is voted on by the member of QLDAF on a 12 month cycle by the end of the next financial year (June 2019). 3. The position of Admin along with other claimants of ownership become the custodians of QLDAF as a management group. 4. If required by yourself I will not stand again as ADMIN.
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  7. TDS Meter

    I agree with @Kalo1993 I also believe almost everyone overfeeds. The instruction on most feeds IMO tell you to overfeed. Feed as much as your fish will eat in a few minutes is over feeding. I prefer to feed enough to go in well under 1 minute multiple times per day.
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  9. Marine Stuff WAnted

    How about an aqua one 275?
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  11. FSOscars

    Now $200 including 4 foot tank, filter LED light, heater, Wild caught Oscars are worth $50 as small fish.
  12. FSOscars

  13. FSOscars

    FS Oscars. 3 x Wild Oscars. Came in as Zebras. 2 x Silver dollars. Price $50 the lot. Pick up only. Moggill.
  14. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    I have played with soils a little. I am by no means an expert. I find doing a scape I tend to change my mind a lot. I will set up the hardscape about 4 or 5 times minimum. Then planting I will decide that I am not happy with a plant and move it. This is where some techniques don’t work for me. The biggest issue with these soil methods is that a change in scape becomes a mess very quickly. I am of the view that the modern soil substrate you can get such as eco complete are a better option, due to the ability to change my mind. Maybe if I was a better aquascaper I may have a different view. Steve
  15. Hide your wife, hide your kids..

    I’m scared!