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  1. David seems to have left the building. In the day he was here he seems to have had IP addresses at various places in USA, Canada and Cameroon. Obviously David is well traveled. I doubt we will see more of David. I am also a bit worried about that Raycam fellow as none of his IP addresses seem to match with Uzbekistan.
  2. @spongebob checked in yesterday, so must be out of prison
  3. David, I posted in your other thread and I think I understand what is happening. I suspect that you believe in the flat earth and hence have concluded that Australia does not exist. I wonder if you have been banned from all sites in America and have now moved to posting in this fictional Australia for that reason. I am now suspicious as to whether you were banned for scamming or for claiming the Earth is flat. Please complain to Admin. I here he is a bit of a soft touch and Australian, which probably means you do not believe he exists. Thanks, Steve
  4. @David9002. I am confused. You have signed to a site focused on Queensland. If you are not aware Queensland is a state located in Australia. At the moment Australia is not a part of the USA. Please feel free to apply on behalf of your state to join the United States of Australia. Note that also, just for clarity that is Australia not Austria. We are the one with Koalas. Feel free to complain to Admin. Thanks, Steve
  5. I would consider getting some True SAE into that tank to deal with the BBA. They will eat it.
  6. Good tip. Generally with no air flow the bacteria due from lack of oxygen. I would have said put an airs one but Winston’s idea is better.
  7. I wanna see a video of the move. Catching would have to be fun with a fish with a big bite and lots of hiding places to strike from.
  8. Just my opinion, but that is damn ugly. The short body/ ballon varieties of fish are all included.
  9. I am not convinced by this ad and closing it. Buy at own risk.
  10. Angels in general are cranky bastards disguised with a nice name and form. Never had Altums - on the one day list. Problem is the one days are getting less while the fish to keep one day list is growing.
  11. If you consider freshwater tanks, the hardcore plant hobbyist setup will be more expensive. Substrate costs more, lighting, CO2 systems..... Same with marine. The cost depends on what you want to keep. with both you need to think about compatibility. Freshwater IME is much more forgiving. Marine is the ultimate challenge to get right for the hobbyist. You need more time, how much like cost depends on how extreme you go. My general advice with any tank is just the one must have, whether fish, plant or coral and design your tanks around that. Thanks, Steve.
  12. Slippy has it in my view. Bore water can be an interesting mix of minerals that the fish is not used to. The tests we conduct when you say “the conditions are fine” can be based on what we test for, that may miss the issues with some funky bore water chemistry. Do you have access to any other water sources? If not I think it may be worth considering using an RO filter and building your chemistry back into the water, rather than complete with the complex chemistry I suspect we have. I would typically if I had to use Bore water look for a 50/50 Bore to rain water mix.
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