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  1. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    The clubs failure to let people know just means they will have less and less people turning up. They are welcome to advertise here.... but up to them to use it.
  2. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    So what are the must haves? I reckon next time I see a good fuzzy, I am going to pull out the cash!
  3. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Once they are official I have little doubt they will be shared here.
  4. Importing fish from overseas

    I have a couple of general views. It is important to remember to establish a species in Australia we need multiple breeders. While the idea of being a sole supplier of a species will make sense for the $, to sustain a species we need multiple breeders of the same species. I think this is a fundamental of places like QLDAF, to share the knowledge and sourcong of species. it is all about connections. The connection to stores, and QLDAF sponsors, the connection to fellow hobbyists and sources. Speak to everyone, and share your contacts as in this thread. I love apistogramma and we used to get together a group of hobbyists from here when Jodi got a new shipment into fishchicks, It was driven by hobbysists, and QLDAF was a platform that allowed us to connect. This is QLDAF at it’s best in my view. If anyone discovers a cool angelfish import, share the details. There are angel lovers here.
  5. REsetting for Apistogramma

    I am in ongoing discussions with a major store down south. The owner is back from overseas tommorrow so should get a call. Steve
  6. WTB Apistogramma pairs

    What species?
  7. Hmm maybe that is not it....Maybe it is the bold
  8. There are two colour themes in the bottom corner. I think you are using the white blue, as I have now switched too. This makes this one hard to read.
  9. Aquarium Salts - Homemade

    There are two philosophy’s that seem to be adopted to keeping Tangs. One is to match the hardness and pH values and concentrate on that. for that results Aquasonic and similar products may work, and a simpler salt solution can work. I like to try and match the chemistry of the lake, and that is where the mix above is good, but the Seachem is better. There are other products that people get good results from but I can;t get them to tell me the chemistry so it does not fit my philosophy.
  10. Aquarium Salts - Homemade

    There are a number of references on Lake Tang chemistry. Sodium based salts are not predominant in the lake. It is all about Magnesium and Potasium salts.
  11. REsetting for Apistogramma

    What species @Joller I have never had a problem with terracotta pots and pH. I am setting 6 two foot at first with 6 one foot to support coming next, and a further couple of tanks for grow out planned. I want the option to move females out once they have got eggs to avoid male/ female aggression problems. Well, That is the plan that I have planned.
  12. REsetting for Apistogramma

    That is almost the way I set up. Only difference, I silicon the saucer under, so I can reach in a tank and cover the hole with my thumb and move the mum and babies to another tank, if I choose. I use a hole in the top, that seems to be mostly liked back when I had some.
  13. Sand mixed with coral sand is going out. Thinking Black sand in, driftwood and java fern and java moss. Need to get some breeding pots made up also. Can you still buy the little terracotta pots at Bunnings?