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  1. I am just bumping this up again. As we go in to lockdown again in QLD, NSW is in a never ending cycle of lockdowns, and Victoria seems to be getting some freedom it is time to remind ourselves this is not over. QLDAF supports all local fish stores and there staff. Thanks to the stores we get new fish, quality fish, new products, and new information. During lockdowns these businesses have to consider there business and people end up not being able to work. QLDAF support our hobby, sponsors and all LFS stores. Any store is invited to be involved. Use you business name as a identifier so we know who you are. Please post pictures or stock lists. Feel free to post when you have something new. i am not sure if going to buy a new fish is considered essential, but buying feeds and medicine certainly is, and stores are considered essential businesses and open for you. Please respect the rules on masks. They are a health directive and the staff having to enforce the rules did not make the rules. The rules are there to keep everyone safe and get out of lockdown ASAP.
  2. I got red and green lotus from MAD aquarium. Think they are about. Madagascar there is a fairly regular seller in NSW, I have bought and managed to kill them successfully. Aponogeton generally are common.
  3. Thanks and that is what I thought. I joined the Moggill creek catchment group to survey Moggill Creek. Wa a good day puddle diving and seeing what is in our waterways and the conditions. Only catch it was bloody freezing. We caught 3 nice ripe looking fudge on which I thought were empires but not 100% sure as not a native guy.
  4. I think 5 - I have lost access to the admin section to check. Either I am not trusted or the owners just are missing again.
  5. didn’t notice the pricing, so zero offence. I have Sidthemonkey locaches rather than clowns - don’t get as big. I also like whiptails over bristle nose as much nicer and not poo machines.
  6. In line with the change of rules due to COVID I have no problems with listing options. Only active sponsors are to post prices - I guess that Is Techden. Growing discus is always an additionally challenge that is why the bigger tend to be quite a few more $$$$$. Most tend to say that to grow discus you should do a discus only glass bottom. I find this a little boring. Steve
  7. Pictures of this fish never seem to do them justice.
  8. Nice little store down the Gold Coast. I like the stair tanks,
  9. I always enjoy visiting the guys at Annerley. HAd a nice not puncher rib. Didn’t;t notice the name but encouraged them to post some pics on their facebook page. I got a lone L397 for the wife and she is so happy I can smuggle heaps more fish in the house….. Steve
  10. I find it best to mix my water using a blender. Remember to not add the koi until after blending.
  11. Exactly - there are some true albums down south and I believe Smiths have some in stock for those with real deep pockets. I might buy a lotto ticket tonight and if I win I may be able to afford some.
  12. What was the pair of rainbows that somehow appeared, the NG ones that obviously swam across.
  13. Super reds at the auction were almost given away……. I think people only heard the bristlenose part.
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