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  1. Still here
  2. @tutters187...... shhhhhhh
  3. An auction is like a box of chocolates....... I will make a bet that it is a buyers night and you will be nits to miss it. I am kicking myself I cannot be there. if anyone. sells cool tanganyikans do not tell me. Steve
  4. Pick up moggill
  5. Welcome. I would suggest rethink your fish. Borneos like cooler water and high flow. I like whiptails catfish for discus tanks. Steve
  6. Raised price to $200 with a 100% discount for QLDAF members, Now it is even better value with a bigger price reduction. If I list on facey or worse, dumbtree, I will be listing with a price. It is only free to hobbyists on QLDAF.
  7. Some nice fish there. like the fact they are aussie caught, means there is some consideration of sustainability. Steve
  8. I must admit my tools are a little rusty.... but well used and I know what to do with them.....
  10. Raised price to $150 but members of qldaf will get a 100% discount.
  11. Word on the street is that @raycam01_au is getting a bit big around the hips. @Nazegoreng is hiding all sweets to save him from himself.. Apparently the latest Kim Kardasian pictures were Ray with Kim's head photo shopped in. Just the word on the street.......
  12. But how? or what?
  13. Seriously?
  14. Bump
  15. Bump