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  1. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    So we now have two sections back as requested by members. Make use of them. Tag any thread to me you want moved to the Marine or Native section.
  2. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    It had to be Friday eventually
  3. Current Hybrid Status

    My own personal view changed due to talking to flowerhorn loving members here and particularly a couple of our mods with a love for Flowerhorns. There was a serious concern from the flowerhorn loving experts about the existence of pure lines. It is important to them too. A lot of the damage was being done in their view by the foolish crosses being done in the hope of creating a new fish and the $$ without respecting the process. We struggled to form rules that fit within that space with their input, and @matmatmat and @goldenswimmers were key influencers of my view. Their are others too. I would submit that more damage is done to bloodlines by the lack of information and misidentification on import, and in breeding rooms than intentional crosses. Not hybrid keepers. My overall view is education is the key. I here the concern about L's and again it seems to be education as at a young age the differentiation of species is difficult.
  4. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Seems to me the quality vs quantity question is in play here. I like quality. Electricity is having impact on hobbies and stores. it is hard for a store to compete with on line sellers and I guess qldaf shares the blame in that being the original connector of hobby breeders. I agree with Donny. I never expected to go marine. it was always out of reach. it means I have different priorities. Steve
  5. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    I tell ya it is coming back... did I say which Friday?
  6. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    Did I mention this is a poll. We are deciding the same way the government decides policy. At the moment the section returning is the best recipe for Giant Gourami.....
  7. Lighting for Tanganyikan cichlids

    Nothing beats natural light.
  8. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    I will tell you next Saturday..... OK... I got busy this week, and didn't quite get there this week. Exoh has everything all in line for me.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. I wonder about the future for the hobby. I am staggered that the V. argentia group advertised both on here. QLDAF facebook and elsewhere has not been snapped up. These used to be sought after fish, with people begging for a source. Maybe people have lost interest. Maybe people have no money anymore? What is happening to our hobby. Clubs and forums are slowing and quality fish are disappearing, and cheap fish seem to be selling in volume on Facebook. I would even say cheap is more important than quality to people. I am concerned. Your thoughts? Steve
  11. Ordering fish online

    For me buying fish online is a last resort. Reason being I have limited space so want to maximise my space. I will stand watching a tank for an hour to choose the exact fish I want. (I am sure I have driven some store owners mad). There are a couple of staff at stores I know where I ask them to choose me a fish as they have a better eye than me, but they are the exception. Buying online means I have to have what I am given. I am the same with online groceries. I am picky about what I want to cook with and do not like the idea of someone else choosing my food. There at e a couple of known stores in Brisbane that are specialists in this are, so I would suggest go for the drive up the road. Thanks, Steve
  12. Time to get back into it.

    Butterfly fish