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  1. They are here but have all gone native…..
  2. Apistos mine……. Fair is fair
  3. Well…. This relates to a retired section for us to recognise breeders who regularly had quality fish available. Unfortunately despite being Admin, I have limited access to change these things. Not sure what I have done to be locked out…..
  4. Some interesting posts here. At times I think QLDAF got too big and we had too much drama. I am not a fan of drama. I like a good laugh and to gasbag about fish. I think we can get too a good place but it must be driven by members. Members drive content and interesting discussion. We also need store involvement. Good stores are the lifeblood of the industry. I have bumped a post to remind all that due to COVID we are encouraging all stores to post there stock. I was in a store today and they have some fish I know people want, and did have stuff I want but did not know till too late. If you are talking to a store encourage them to post here. I am thinking of starting a QLD alliance. Facebook groups are struggling due to Facebook rules. Maybe we should strike an alliance. I will do a pinned post and do links to facebook pages who link to here to encourage people to be able to sell. Value thoughts. Steve
  5. Another reminder. We have it good in QLD at the moment but our Southern neighbours are in pain.
  6. In my travels today I ended up down the coast and dropped into Arcy Aquariums. Had a good old chatter and picked up some Apisto cause you know…. Accidents happen. Some of the names of fish that he had and sold made me drool, and still some nice fish there. Some people will know the owner as Rex on here. Genius on discus. Be warned when you go in this is more like visiting a hobbyist fish room that a store. Ross keeps and sells what he likes. And like many a fish room you will find hidden treasures.
  7. What is the substrate? 8 gallon is a challenging size for dwarf cichlids in general. While they are small in size they tend to be big in nature. A more complex environment can help keep them from destroying each other. Steve
  8. On the weekend I visited Annerley, and they had some nice double red aggies, and taeniacara. Smiths has had some nice stuff as well, may still have the Pandora that are quite nice. .
  9. Have you checked your pH? I would always test my water conditions as a first step.
  10. Smiths had some nice aggies. Not sure if still there. Keep an eye on the imports from Premier pets and Aquarium industries and talk to your favourite LFS is the best hope. There are some good fish in Sydney. Steve
  11. My dwarf grass grows OK next to the Lotus, biggest issue is light as I had a heap of floating plants I have removed on the weekend.
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