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  1. Mrs Gingerbeer has agreed this is our inspiration for out net tank’s
  2. Angels - 4 to 6t. Tetras go crazy. REmember more of one species looks better than a mad mix. When I set a tank I think who is competing for the territory. Angels and apistos have different spaces they want to claim. Fish that want to claim the same space will clash. Make sure your apistos have a space (breeding caves) and the angels similar.
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  5. Exactly. 12 girls , say 3 boys.
  6. Apistogramma are a small fish, but do well in a large tank. You can get the full behaviour. One of my favourite setups was a four foot tank with A cacatoides in it. 2 M 4 F. 1 male was dominant and had three girls going and would go and visit each in turn. The other M had one girl. The behaviour was fascinating. General rule 1 square foot per female. Steve
  7. QCG Auction 13/10/18

    Daughter burnt down kitchen. Bad Daughter! Had to shut down everything. Apparently if you redo the kitchen there are a pile of other things that need to be renewed prior to my tanks.
  8. QCG Auction 13/10/18

    The good old days for apistogramma were when Fishchicks was bringing in some amazing species. There is a bit of a renaissance happening, and some stores are getting some good stuff down south, I currently have zero tanks and am negotiating with SWMBO as to what are new tanks will be, When we reset there will be some good apisto’s in my tanks from some southern suppliers. Steve
  9. Where did we all go?

    Hey Craigo, I think the general cost of living and electricity prices have slowed a lot. Add to this the ability to sell lesser quality with less accountability thanks to growing numbers of platforms and the traditional platforms like clubs and forums are suffering. Add on this the changes to import laws and we have been smashed for a number of years, but there are signs of change. I suspect there will be a swing back once quality is recognised and some of the old institutions change. There seems to be a new breath of life in the QCG at the moment and once things settle for me personally I want to go to a meeting and check it out.
  10. QLDAF Future

    I am still hopeful of people doing the right thing by the hobby. Steve
  11. Sick of it

    You seriously need a hug!
  12. QLDAF Future

  13. QLDAF Future

    So here is where we are. Many will be aware of the issues that are occurring at Aquaholics. I became aware as to the fact there were issues coming and stepped back in as Admin to attempt to insulate the forum from the dispute. We removed the Senior Mod Steve Brookes to insure no appearance of preference due to his involvement with Nigel on Fishbreeders. We could not tell Steve why. Sorry Steve! We have strived to keep the dispute away from QLDAF and avoid gossip. We have closed posts to ensure QLDAF is not dragged into any ongoing turmoil. We have a number of potential sponsors who I have been talking too and moving slowly (maybe stringing along). I cannot sign a new sponsor and ask for a commitment when the forum is under this cloud. I apologise to those good folks. It appears the efforts have failed. The QLDAF forum software account has been suspended and we are several updates behind leaving the forum susceptible to malware. The forum server has been turned off intermittently for some reason, and now we are facing new issues. QLDAF is a historic site and built on hobbyists information over many years. It still has value to the hobby and hobbyists. It belongs at least in part to the hobbyists of Queensland. So @jesse at @aquaholics. Being as your actions seem to indicate no interest in the ongoing future of this historic library, I ask you to hand your share of the forum over before the forum is dead. In return I promise I will: 1. Negotiate with the other claimants of ownership to establish an ongoing structure if possible. 2. Ensure that the position of Admin and Moderators is voted on by the member of QLDAF on a 12 month cycle by the end of the next financial year (June 2019). 3. The position of Admin along with other claimants of ownership become the custodians of QLDAF as a management group. 4. If required by yourself I will not stand again as ADMIN.
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