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  1. gingerbeer

    2 foot tank - scraped biotype

    And fish are in the tank.
  2. gingerbeer

    Eartheaters availability aus

    We had a great resource attached to QLDAF that was lost over time. I am not sure if it has reappeared on the net anywhere? Anyone know?
  3. gingerbeer

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    Ray - If it is a waste of time.... don’t bother. People who do not want to help are not welcome. @grubby Generally biological filtration takes nitrites to nitrates and we water change to deal with that. The Marine system is more sensitive to nitrate so we need to remove that. We can get a lot of biological filtration from live rock alone depending on your set up, hence you may not need the high efficiency of K1 for filtration. Nitrates are the bigger problem. My view - won’t hurt. I have not heard any meaningful substitute for skimmers, so do not take space in your sump for this where a skimmer should go. Also look up what a refrigium will do. You can use macro algae to absorb nitrates. Hope that helps. Steve
  4. gingerbeer

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    Care to expand?
  5. gingerbeer

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    My thinking is biological filter is biological filter. I can’t see why not.
  6. gingerbeer

    2 x 4 foots

    having figured where the wood goes, now the fun part. Waiting for it to get waterlogged.
  7. gingerbeer

    2 x 4 foots

    So, Here are the next tanks. Aquaone Brilliance x 2. Was quite a load in My wife’s car. Working with the Tech Den team chose laterite under ADA for the substrate and some nice Ghost wood. Also have a RO system for my water now. Planning for a planted discus tank. Wilds in my side and frankenfish in my wife’s side.
  8. gingerbeer

    2 foot tank - scraped biotype

    Broke one of the lids so looking for a replacement. Once fixed will go shopping for the fish. Colour is deliberate. Tannins are friend for me.
  9. gingerbeer

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    I suspect it is a skin issue. The QLDAF default skin (black) sometimes does this, where the QLDAF skin while does not.
  10. Well. Since the fire we have been planning and debating and pricing and seeing prices change. The bigger tanks are coming but this is a 2 foot tank and tank number one. Have a single species planned that is a neglected beauty and a challenge. Got some leaves in to soften the pH. Will post more as we progress. Other tanks to follow.
  11. QLDAF has a general policy of supporting clubs. On Facebook we do not allow sharing gourds other than sponsors and clubs. Check out the fine work by ANGFA on their facebook post. I have made it an announcement on Facebook. If someone from ANGFA wants to share the details here would appreciate it. Great stuff. Thanks, Steve.
  12. gingerbeer

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    Would they confiscate the blues as they are not Electric Yellows?
  13. I heard a rumour they have been added. Does anyone know the truth? Has it jumped to April 1st and I missed a couple of months? What will this mean to the hobby? Will more fish be added?
  14. gingerbeer

    skimmer for a natural pool

    Just go a skimmer sock. Most fish I reckon will avoid the flow. A sock will catch the stupid ones.
  15. gingerbeer

    Aquael Glossy Tanks

    The trend is for tanks with no lids. I am anti the trend of scapes projecting beyond the tank. I like lids to prevent fish jumping out and control evaporation. Once you say I want a lid the options for a plug and play type tank are limited. I am not going to DIY a fancy system to suspecnd a lighting system. The criteria for selection is a series of displays in a common area. Plan is for discus and other species - community and plants to work with discus. I have a 3 m wall I can fill, and only that wall. I want to be able to plug and play = no DIY. Decore is modern and my wife has the criteria of the colour is white or white. I am leaning towards a series of tanks to give me options to play with. It feels like the option is aquael or aquaone. Not much inbetween