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  1. QLDAF change of rules. Given the current situation we are changing the rules for the duration of the Covid crisis. QLDAF is maintained thanks to our active sponsors. QLDAF includes are facebook page and our forum page. In normal times advertising is limited to our sponsors. Given the current situation we wish to give all stores the opportunity to share their stock and engage remotely with the fish keeping hobby. · Any post by a store must be identified and include the name of the store. · Stores are not to post on each other’s threads. · We encourage posting of stock and general discounts (e.g. 25% of fish fish weekend). Only QLDAF sponsors are allowed to post prices. · Private bulk sales of new goods are still not allowed. DIY ideas are permitted (e.g. private bulk sales of Ziss egg tumblers is a no, selling a DIY egg tumbler is allowed. · Sales of private live stock is not permitted by Facebook rules. Private sales of livestock are permitted on QLDAF forum. https://www.qldaf.com Please support our stores. Each store does not just provide a livelihood to a fellow hobbyist, but employs staff and contributes to our economy. Please respect and understand the processes put in place by each store to manage the risk of Covif to their staff and customers.
  2. In the current environment every industry is desperately trying to declare they are an essential service.
  3. We are in strange times. I have told my team that we are in this for at least 6 months, maybe more. Certainly not less. I think it is a matter of time before imports dry up. Is anyone gearing up to breed quality fish to keep the hobby going through the next 6-12 months. Interested in your thoughts.
  4. I think if was Liverpool Creek Aquarium that had a EOI just before Christmas. A number of other on line retailers had an EOI also.
  5. I have seen pea puffers available.
  6. For those who have not noticed Age of Aquariums has closed there doors. It was somewhat quietly done without a big fanfare. What is the future for the hobby like? We are losing a lot of good stores and lots of good breeders.
  7. I believe there is a QFAS auction this weekend. QLDAF has a long standing commitment to support the clubs of QLD. Unfortunately we seem to lack a commitment from the clubs to tell people about the events. All they need to do is post here or on QLDAF Facebook to let people know. For the.recent QLD Cichlids Group event we made the posts an annoucment On our facebook page to maximise the exposure so people knew or maybe these are now secret events. Beats me! if you are selling what are you selling, especially Apistogramma - I need more.
  8. For newer members - REX82 wrote some great resources that have been lost over time about discus breeding. His depth of knowledge is deep. Trying to make a new member level that reads “Discus Legend” - Done Steve
  9. @raycam01_au worries too much. I am simple. Forum is for people sharing info and having fun. Has been for longer than I have been here and will be after I leave I hope.
  10. One of my favourite catfish, except anything 1/2 its size is food. Good luck. Steve
  11. Looks like hole in the head or another bacterial disease. The meds we can get through the store are pretty useless. The single best thing you can do is make sure you have prestige water quality. Up the water changes and check the water coming in is suitable.
  12. Overall view. Had an expected algae outbreak including filament algae. Clean up crew at work. Swear they have doubled there size in a month!
  13. The picture above is one of the girls. Here is one of the boys
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