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  1. Interesting plan. I am not sure how the plan will go. Will be an interesting journey. Borellii take lower temperatures better, but I think they do better in pairs. Trifaciata and others are better for harem breeding. Harem breeding lets the male be distracted by other females .
  2. @Hamishh34 Annerley Aquarium in Brisbane is where I got them from. They do ship interstate.
  3. A couple of Apisto’s I got from the Guys at Annerley. Really happy with the dorsal of the borellii.
  4. There is a store in Melbourne I want to go to. Have some other real interesting stock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjpT8jzYem8
  5. I support anyone who can get quality stock I suspect I am really annoying. If you have time go and check what they got. The Borellii are a great size and there may be another female. I am tempted to get another boy as I currently have 1 boy two girls. gold for other species but these guys tend no to harem as much. I have 6 tanks and really happy with 3 of the tanks. 1 of the others has a wife’s favourite so.....
  6. Tendersoft, Australia has strict import conditions. I have multiple complaints from members of you sending pm’s about stock you cannot supply due to our import conditions. You have a limited time window to send a PM to me and express your understanding or I can use the big red ban button. Your choice. Grumpy Admin
  7. That is going to be a hard fish to source. I have just got some brilliant A. Borellii and A. Baenchi. The guys at Annerley ordered 6 and gave me first pick (Before one of their own staff - sorry). I visited last weekend and the guys their said hang on, and checked live what they could get. No Gold Macs on the list but some other interesting species. I just wish Bay was better at sexing as both species came in male heavy, but great size and good value fish IMO. Steve
  8. I am thinking of blocking new members due to the overwhelming desire to join.
  9. Bit of a golden oldie post. I think I still have the analysis if anyone wants it. Steve
  10. BBA is a pain. True SAE will deal with it well. I have also trialed Black Beard Blaster with some success.
  11. BBA seems to be a recent challenge. I do not remember dealing with it when I started whereas now it is a challenge. What has changed?
  12. https://www.facebook.com/events/565985614108606/?acontext={"ref"%3A"29"%2C"ref_notif_type"%3A"event_calendar_create"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&notif_id=1590824502515590&notif_t=event_calendar_create&ref=notif Check out the ANGFA on line meeting coming up.
  13. I do not take your comment with a grain of salt. Actually the opposite. I value the long term hobbyists who have given to this industry. Facebook to me was a necessary evil. I do not want members to miss out on sale potential. The problem continues to be with facebook the value of the face poster without the empty of knowledge. Depth of knowledge is never visible on Facebook, but very visible on forums. Now you have made me feel old!
  14. Once we get to 100 members I think we will look for a moderator who loves Facebook. To be blunt, we had at the time the top post as admin saying that we support stores, all stores can post. Private sellers can post here. Please respect Facebook rules. Livestock posts go to the forum here. The buggers than deleted our group and have had a request to review active for over a month with no reply. I am seriously thinking of starting a page to have members join to protest the disregard facebook have for this hobby, then remember I have a life. So yes, we need someone who loves facebook and gives a f$%^. I have no more f&#%’s to give.
  15. I am thinking once we reach 100 members on the facebook we should vote for a moderator of the page. We probably lost the page as I cannot be bothered to police Facebook rules. To make sure we do not loose it again we probably need someone who gives a s^$%!
  16. Set up a new QLDAF page on facebook - same rules copied below to encourage all our small businesses that support this hobby. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2594133114158363/
  17. I know a guy in Sydney who should have fry near size..
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Looking for a small rack system 1200 long. Thanks
  20. Yep Doug, It looks like someone cried. I am trying to get it back. We do and almost always have a post pointing here for sales. Some people break the rules, and I consider myself not to be the facebook police. If we can get it back I may have to dress in a police uniform and inform the facebook rules more. Any posts of police uniforms offered to me should probably go to off topic.......
  21. If you are out and about let stores know they can put a list of amazing fish here. I found some fish I was looking for today - Thanks Pet City.
  22. The biggest issue seems to be over demand on the system making delays more common. This seems to be adding to the risk.
  23. Multis should be easy to get. Signatus will be difficult. May be some down south.
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