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  1. It seems to be cancelled due to the weather. They said upfront that being an outdoors event this may happen.
  2. So why is the one coral under a bowl?
  3. So I ordered 6 and when the bag arrive 4 were alive. 2 were DOA. Livefish have promptly promised a refund in line with their policy. I know previously Red eyed reds came in and Pet City got some and lost the lot. They seem sensitive. I have one boy, one who may be bi, and maybe two girls. One in particular is stressed and shimmying. Debating giving them a multicure type treatment, as I often think a treatment does more bad than good. Concentrating on good feeds, good water. Th colour is fantastic in these fish as the red really pops due to the albino gene. @QldMick I saw the Blood red lyretails on line. I am not sure of the genetics of these. Look good. i need more tanks. @johnbetta If i get fry after I have enough for me I will throw some your and Micks way. The girls seem more stressed than the boys so at the moment I am doubtful. If I lose the girls I will be hunting an albino female and try that cross.
  4. I tend to agree with the general view.... the scape is good. The substrate wood and rocks work really well. The fish mix is wrong IMO, as others have said. Jack Dempsey are named after a boxer due to their aggressive nature- great fish but not for a community. Recommend going to Aquarium Central and telling Nigel I sent you. He will fix you up and give you some good advice. Steve
  5. I hear it is happening 17 April. Someone for QCG may like to share details.
  6. Jodi, AKA fishchicks is the Betta Queen in my view. She has a facebook page.
  7. I ordered some red eyed red swords from Livefish. Will be interested to see what they are like. For me this fish is a connection back to my father who bred a lyre tail red eyed red back when I was about 5. He then got rid of all his work to that point and failed to breed them on....
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I was thinking a knife and suspected clown knife fish. The head looks very knifey
  10. So driving along Sandgate Road through Nundah inbound you cannot miss the new Atlas Aquarium sign on the left hand side. Outside today was crazy as was inside with people crowded to check out the new locations, with the bouncy castle and food stores packed. I did not get to check out the grub as was in a hurry but judging by the crowds it was well loved. Inside as always the strength of Atlas is their Marine section. With Sebs permission I took some snaps. The coral display was full of corals from small frags to display pieces. Don’t ask me to name any - I just know what i like Just inside the door is a neat little display with some beauties. I was told to make sure I caught this fella as he was special - and gotta say neat fish. (Don’t ask me what it is). Did I mention I am ignorant when it comes to the marine side of the hobby. Nice supply of everything you need for your marine tank, and I liked the Dumas Fresh water scraping display. As well there is a sizeable range of freshwater tanks and everything is crisp and new. Red rooters are not something you see in stores often. Look forward to seeing this store develop in their new location, without the parking problems of the old store. So who else got there today and what did you score?
  11. Reminder for this weekend. Steve
  12. Excellent - improves my odds of winning.
  13. For those who have not seen Atlas Aquarium has moved and is having a grand opening march 20. https://www.facebook.com/events/474975117219910 Some pretty kick ass prizes on offer.
  14. David seems to have left the building. In the day he was here he seems to have had IP addresses at various places in USA, Canada and Cameroon. Obviously David is well traveled. I doubt we will see more of David. I am also a bit worried about that Raycam fellow as none of his IP addresses seem to match with Uzbekistan.
  15. @spongebob checked in yesterday, so must be out of prison
  16. David, I posted in your other thread and I think I understand what is happening. I suspect that you believe in the flat earth and hence have concluded that Australia does not exist. I wonder if you have been banned from all sites in America and have now moved to posting in this fictional Australia for that reason. I am now suspicious as to whether you were banned for scamming or for claiming the Earth is flat. Please complain to Admin. I here he is a bit of a soft touch and Australian, which probably means you do not believe he exists. Thanks, Steve
  17. @David9002. I am confused. You have signed to a site focused on Queensland. If you are not aware Queensland is a state located in Australia. At the moment Australia is not a part of the USA. Please feel free to apply on behalf of your state to join the United States of Australia. Note that also, just for clarity that is Australia not Austria. We are the one with Koalas. Feel free to complain to Admin. Thanks, Steve
  18. I would consider getting some True SAE into that tank to deal with the BBA. They will eat it.
  19. Good tip. Generally with no air flow the bacteria due from lack of oxygen. I would have said put an airs one but Winston’s idea is better.
  20. I wanna see a video of the move. Catching would have to be fun with a fish with a big bite and lots of hiding places to strike from.
  21. Just my opinion, but that is damn ugly. The short body/ ballon varieties of fish are all included.
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