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  1. Look up KingofDIY on youtube and search for his recipe. It's bloody good stuff
  2. Latest improvements are nice. Try leaning the smaller rocks to point more towards the bigger ones, this makes a more triangular picture and can help to create that 'mountain' feel. There are so many rules to follow with Iwagumi but don't obsess over them too much, just find what you like and run with it. Also suggest having your two sides vary more in height. Just my two cents. (bout alll it's worth too )
  3. For your planted tank I would look into makemyled lighting. As far as I can tell they are some of the best out at present and are Aussie made (Gotta support your local). Come with a decent price tag but by all reports it's well worth the $$$
  4. If you end up having any survive I am chasing some soon.
  5. So im heading yo a local waterway this weekend and was wondering if any weathered timber is safe to use?
  6. Gday folks! Been off a while due to work but I'm back. So I'm thinking of leaping into the natives for a 3ft I have sitting empty at present. I was hoping for some stocking advice as I am unaware of a lot of my options when it comes to natives. So far I'm considering 2 possibilities... (open to more) rainbows, purple spotted gudgeons and something else... or... Spotted blue eyes, bumblebee gobys and something else. Any help greatly apprerciated
  7. I have a heap of ramshorns and love them. Some come out in brilliant leopard patterns and brilliant colours like pinks etc. Personally I think you got lucky
  8. Hi looking for some Neolamprologus similis I hear you are the one to talk to?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hhen


      I am looking too! And need to know more about shipping.

      Thank you!

    3. Hhen


      Hi could you tell me where you are located? And if these fish are still available.

    4. The Fishroom

      The Fishroom

      Hi there, I have no fry available at the moment, I cleared them all out, now they start the process again.

  9. So I am doing a tank shuffle around and will have a 3ft empty as of next week. I'm thinking it might be fun to put some breeders in there. I have no idea yet what I want to breed so throw some ideas at me TIA Would prefer not to have to set up grow out tanks.
  10. Managed to get it with nothing but a razor blade and some elbow grease. Now for the fun part... Cycling
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