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  1. hello

    Still got any?
  2. flowerhorn pros question

    Red Texas, best of using a really red king Kong parrots female to a green Texas male, I have a cracking female red Texas that's breeds regularly.
  3. First Spawn Green Texas Cichlids

    Do you have any green Texas I can buy?
  4. flowerhorn pros question

    Not worth your time .. Best of selling your green Texas to me
  5. Blood parrots and kkps must be laying females.. Chasing nice f1 red texas also or any large green texas males sunshine coast-gympie-brisvane
  6. All my fish Eoi make an offer

    Still got your breeding Cubans?
  7. Trade u some big 10inch plus haps

    Pic of green texas and what would u want for cash for him
  8. Will purchase 20 or 50 at 2-3$ each as young