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  1. 3 x males @ 10cms 1x male @ 13cms 2 female at 8-9cms + 5-8 other smaller peppermints around 4-6cms, please text me on 0468963259 for sale as I never check qldaf, nation wide shipping available for 26$ extra at your own risk. But have never had a bad run yet always had great success shipping.
  2. 500$ please text 0468963259 as I never check qldaf , mum was a super red Texas and dad was a super green Texas, these are super high quality red Texas and won't find better else where, I'm getting out of my red Texas project and going tropical as I don't have time with work commitments. Both fish are early faders and both have head pearling, can also ship these fish nation wide 24hours to your front door for $26-$57 threw Star Trek or fastways on Tuesday's and Wednesday, packed professionally with industrial grade oxygen. Heat packs, ammonia lock, stress guard, etc.
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