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  1. Inbox me , what are you after I can help you out on alot of different things
  2. Java moss 10$ a golf ball size, shipping available. Text Only 0468 963 259 to arrange sale. Pick up sunny coast of nation wide shipping available
  3. 6cms female import blood 200$. Text me if interested sunny coast 0468 963 259
  4. 200$ female 0468 963 259 text me.if interested
  5. Java moss !! What a wonderful plant for shrimp it's available for pick up sunny coast or shipping available PLEASE TEXT ONLY TO ARRANGE SALE 0468963259 have shrimp available too
  6. Selling yellow cherry shrimp $4 each, please TEXT ONLY TO ARRANGE SALE 0468963259- SUNNY COAST shipping available
  7. Want to buy alot of yellow, red, blue, green, black shrimp if you have any also will buy bulk java moss. I buy bulk to re sell keep in mind i need to make money too, this is for people who wanna make a quick buck selling shrimp in large amounts for a cheaper price, most likely buy all if the prices are right. Would pay $1.25 each yellow shrimp, $2.55 each blue shrimp. $0.45 for cherry shrimp, blood marys $3.55, green $1.75 pay per shrimp in bulk amounts. Please text 0468963259 to arrange sale.
  8. What sizes and species where you after mainly
  9. Aqua holics online can get these in forest glen. Like 30-40$ each. Though
  10. I'll have some available soon
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