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  1. I believe I had miss calculate the year we own her. We have her since mid of 2006. So, that should be 3 years now. But she was this size since last year anyway. I got her about the size of my thumb and it just growing like mad. I had to get a 4ft tank because of her(she is my wife's fish :sweatdrop: ) I guest she is one of the luck one because she grow up with all my guppies and I feed them something like brine shrimp or blood worms. The other thing is the living space determine the size of goldfishes can grow. I had another two orange one are about the same size in body, but shorter in the fin and tail. But, we only have them about one years time. I will see if I can take another photo of them all together. Alright, here's the best photo I can take. 002.JPG[/attachment:2377n1v1] 003.JPG[/attachment:2377n1v1]
  2. Hi guys, just taking a photo of my black moor who had been with us for almost two years. It's an old fish, but it's a beauty.
  3. Hi guys, I am Phil from Sunshine Coast. It's great to join this forum and see a lot of people who also like fishes too. I been keeping fish for only three years and recently have many guppies and goldfishes. Just falling in love with pleco and got a pair of albino B/N last weekend.
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