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  1. This afternoon I went to clean my wavemaker and the impeller shaft had snapped in half and after I pulled the housing apart it fell in the water and my mangrove jack ate it... Hopefully he can crap it out lol So whats the weirdest thing your fish has eaten?
  2. Yep Bullrout. Have one in my tank just about same size as that one looks. Apparently they can be hard to get eating in a tank, and mine wouldn't eat for about the first week. But now it actually comes right to the surface and takes floating pellets. Beautiful fish, they make a great unique display fish. Just have to be super vigilant when doing tank maintenance lol
  3. Just a heads up for those interested. A certain big online live fish retailer is selling baby Saratoga Leichardti right now. There is no doubt extremely limited numbers so get in quick. PM me If you'd like to know the store Cheers,
  4. Drilling holes would be the safe option. Anything glued on has the chance to fail as I have found out. I made some handles up out of perspex and silicone them on like tdj5 shown above. Had 1 fall off when I was holding it and instinctively tried to catch the glass with my leg.... yeah... did not end well.
  5. Thanks for the welcomes. Hey Rod. Yeah might have to ask a LFS to order them in for me. They are available online at the Aquarium Gallery Perth but I've never ordered live fish online before and they are fairly expensive ($33ea) and thats a long trip in a fish bag from WA to the east coast. I assume that price is indicative of what i'd be paying at a LFS aswell if they were to order them in for me. So this looks like my best option, unless I can find a private seller. Also I do have access to a rain water tank;)
  6. Hi all. I'm new to the forum aswell. Just getting back into it after afew years absence. I'm on the lookout for rare krib variants nigerian red, moliwe etc. Have owned and bred regular kribs in the past. Awesome fish. Also looking at starting up a large Aussie natives tank.. bass, saratoga, mangrove jack etc. Haven't got the tank yet but on the lookout. I've been lurking the forum for acouple weeks now, Looks to be a great active community and I'm happy to now be apart of. Cheers, Justin
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