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    Supposedly Saturday the 4th of Feb at Caboolture. There was some info posted about it this morning on facebook, however it seems to have been deleted by the admins of the group.
  2. I got 3 big Synodontis Petricola for $27 and a nice big display male Yellow Tail Acei for $8.
  3. I've been changing water every 2ND day. Ammonia has dropped to a very low reading and nitrate has climbed to between 20 and 40 ppm.
  4. Also, I'm feeding them hikari sinking cichlid excel, and I only feed them what they can eat in a couple of minutes. I feed them once a day and skip 1 day per week.
  5. G'day mate. I did use prime before adding fish to dechlorinate the water, however I have been adding 1 capful per day to detoxify the ammonia as per recommendations from seachem. I have been doing regular water changes as well. If my aquarium hasn't cycled, why would nitrates be present in the water and still climbing?
  6. Hi there, i have recently set up a new tank, and possibly lost two fish to "new tank syndrome". Basically I set the tank up a few week ago and let it sit for a while, its a standard sized 4ft aquarium. I am running an Aquis 1250 filter bull of bio media and filter floss, couple of power heads in there for circulation a bunch of rocks and a couple of texas holey rocks. 8 Days ago I added 6 small electric yellows, and started dosing the tank with Prime and Stability. I was under the impression that it would be safe to add some more fish. I added 5 red fin kadangos, 5 yellow tail blue acei and 1 synodontis petricola. Everything seemed fine, PH steady at 8.0, ammonia slowly climbed to 1.0ppm so I did a 50% water change, then yesterday the nitrates appeared and climber to about 20ppm while the ammonia stayed at 1.0ppm. So i did another 50% water change. No presence of nitrite at any point. Im testing all parameters every morning and night. All of the fish seemed fine. I had to remove 1 red fin kadango as he was incredibly aggressive. All of the kadangos are about 7 cm. 1 of the Acei is about 7 cm, the other 4 are about 4 cm and the yellows are all about 4 cm. Today when I left for work they all seemed fine, but when I got home, two of the small acei were dead. Both of there lower jaws were missing, their fins were shredded and there were tiny chunks of flesh missing from both sides of them. All of the other seem perfectly normal, swimming around a lot, colouring up nicely and no damage to fins. Im just wondering if these 2 acei may have died due to injury from another fish, or from ammonia poisoning or something else. Currently Ammonia is at 1.0ppm, nitrite 0ppm, nitrate 10 or 20ppm, ph 8.0. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hello

    Hi there, new member here. I was keeping fish a few years ago but got out of the hobby due to school commitments, now I have a lot more spare time and I'm looking to get back into the hobby. Mostly interested in low tech planted aquariums.