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  1. hi, Ive been at it for around 6 months now and have got my levels and clarity peaking consistantly now. Although i recently went over seas during the last heatwave and my house keeper didnt follow the instructions and i lost most of my natives and all my mollies. What i have left is a few natives in the large corner tank (barramundi, several perch, large eel tale, grunter and bull rout). I want to put ciclids in the large blue tank on right but have no idea on the subject im not worried about the size more interested in a lot of colour so open to all suggestions. As well i want to restock the native tank and was looking for some advise for what will go in there peacefully? jack or saratoga to aggressive? also a species that schools up nicely to fill it up.
  2. cheers yeah am always interested if you wanted put up a couple of pics thatd be great
  3. hi, just set up a new tank in my shed with a mate all natives. he has posted a few photos. on here but not very good quality so thought i'd chuck up a. video hopefully gey some conatructive criticism. cheers
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