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  1. Hey all, I have been linebreeding some blue spot Synspillum for more speckling, these are the 2nd gen offspring residing in the 800L. I will be pairing from these soon to see what comes out of the next batch, 2 pairs are already forming in the tank and i had to remove hides to stop them breeding for now, i need them to be a little bigger. There's excess siblings from this batch which will be for sale soon, they are over 10cm, i also have another 2 batches (5cm/7cm from another adult pair) showing lots of potential which i will post if i can get a clear enough video. I update YouTube a bit more regularly now so i have recorded these guys and their parents since I've had them, same with the Umbies and a few others. This is the most recent video of the blues, but you can flick through the vids back to when they were in eggs in the parent tanks. There's Also some Zonatum in the tank a Festae and some Umbies. Cheers
  2. Hey all, recently moved and delving into the hobby a bit more, started the fish room under the new house and have about 12 ponds out back. I've got the bug again so i'm starting to upload videos again like i used to, have a looky if you like your Natives n such Cam Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionAquaticz/
  3. Found someone, thanks everyone. Admin you can delete. Cheers.
  4. Hey all, Needing a hand moving 2 tanks, ones 8x2.5x2 the other 6x2x2.8 tanks and stands, last time i had 5 people and a Van which made it easier but still had to do 3 trips. Was hoping by the off chance someone has a long tray ute or another van that could help with lifting and delivery, tank and stands only. Fish will already be at the new premesis. I'll have 3-4 people with me and a Van to help. I can chuck you $ and a case for your troubles. Located Arana Hills, moving to Slacks Creek. 04323585077 shoot through a txt, if you call i may not be able to answer due to work. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hey mate, you should look into some Threadfin Rainbows if you havn't already, a big school of them makes quite a display and will swim happily with most tetra's. No native equivalent to Pleco's :(.
  6. I know a few years ago i dropped out of the hobby and only had 1 3ft down from 4,000L, id did what i wanted with freshwater side of things and it got boring so i went onto other things. 1 reason was limitation with fish as i wanted fish we couldn't get and some that i wanted cost several 100's, then i'd see them go for $20 overseas in Indonesia or US and would just put a downer on owning new fish and tanks, feels like Aus just get rorted with fish and QLD especially compared to the southern states. Now after a year and a bit im back in with Marine tanks again which has really mixed things up and is a new challenge, brought on other interests in freshwater again too and now have 5 tanks all totaling 2,800L and trying different scapes and layouts. But the hobby as a whole i'd say it's a bit of everything, power, money, time... it's just changing, mass fish breeding is becoming hard and so here's the influx of smaller low cost apartment type tanks, meaning less fish are purchased. Even with the hobbiests there's only so much we can get into the country or find in Australia which holds us back.
  7. Ended up taking media out stripping the silicone off and resealing with lots of silicone on 2 edges. The old stuff just peeled straight off easy with a blade which helped a lot, taking the 1,000 Bio Balls out 5 at a time was the hardest bit lol, could only grab a handful. No more leaks! Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, In a bit of a pickle, brought an 8ft recently with sump and all components but the guy didnt tell me the sump wasn't sealed. I got everything ready and started filling and about 3/4 way through and it all started filling up at almost the same rate, so it's basically one big full tank. Really annoying. So just after idea's of what you have done in this situation. I was thinking.. I could drain, peel back silicone on one side of each wall and put a strip of acrylic down on an angle to block it, as the gap is way too small for a hand to fit down. Take everything out and start again - completely dry and re-silicone all walls. Do the dodgy and try some underwater fish safe glue or silicone and slap it on one side of each panel with media still in it. In any case there's a 400L tank right next to the sump so im gonna hafta move it to get the sump out. Ideas?
  9. I have a solor powered pump in mine with a fair few blue eyes and bristlenose, it just fountains in and create a bit of air and movement. It also has around about 6 bucket loads of Foxtail in there to keep organics down. The water is super clear i could even drink out of it and have only ever done 1 waterchange, something like this may work for you? Otherwise could drill a bulkhead into the side and do a gravity bucket filter.
  10. Well if that pic isn't edited then that is sensational piece of coral and great camera work!
  11. Saturation 80% or 100%? lol Plate looks cool though.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, funny you say that as i was just talking to a rep about that exact product, was picking their brains on how i was gonna do this and they mentioned that. I will probably go down that road now but still hafta get a sump design. So far i've just bought el cheapo stuff before i delv deeper into Marines, i've been a freshy for a good 12 years lol.
  13. Yeah that's what i'm going for, just need a few ideas together first before i put the order in Will post progress pics as it's being done, already sanded and sealed the pelmut and it's looking ok-ish, will probably hook up the light system hanging down within a week or 2. Cheers
  14. So i impulse bought this tank almost 2 weeks ago, it was an ex marine tank and already has holes drilled, bulkheads & strainers etc. But did not come with a sump, so just seeing what you guys would plumb it with? I will hafto brace the bottom of the stand to support the sump, but i don't know what type of sump i'll be running, the tank is 3x2x2.5H, going fowlr but will probably have a few corals and see how they go - i say that because i wont be able to resist buying corals lol. Too small for a lil refugium? If i did put one in their would it have that much of an affect since it's only going to be a small sump? If anyone has any photo's of their marine 2-3ft sumps then can you please post it I will need a design by next Tuesday. Would appreciate any advice you can offer me regarding the sumps, things to watch out for, what to use etc... I already have 40kg of Marine Salt, Skimmer, LED MariGlo Lighting, few wavemakers. Have had a small Marine 50L in the past but i got bored of it after 6 months, this was too good a price to pass up so thought i'd try again with a 400L :P. Cheers
  15. He will definitely stir the pot in that tank, prepare to lose all fish under at least 5cm. Any chance he could go to another tank?
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