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  1. My largest discus recently had a lump come up. He's about 20cm and the lump is only on the right side about in the middle of his body approximately 1cm diam & raised at least 3mm. Since this lump appeared he is swimming slightly down when he's just in the one spot [he always hangs out around the bubbles] but not a complete headstand. Still eating & chasing the other discus [he is top dog]. I have tried Epsom as the first thought was bloat/constipation and when that did nothing I tried treating for infection with no success [tried tri-sulfa tabs and pima/mela on separate occasions]. The last fish I added to the tank was a single discus which was darting against things so I treated for worms with Kusuri and that resolved - this was over 2 months ago. From what I can find on other forums, I am concerned he may have cancer. Not sure what else to try so any suggestions on what else to try would be appreciated. Water levels are good, no ammonia or nitrite, nitrates are always below 5ppm, pH is 6.5-7.0, temp is 28-29`C and we do water changes every week usually minimum 40%.
  2. Unfortunately that wormer is no longer available in Aus due to law changes - You can still view the info on that site but you are unable to buy it
  3. In need of a recommended wormer that would be safe to use on my Black Ghost Knife & Discus as they are in a community tank together. I was told to get Kusuri Discus Wormer Plus but unfortunately it is no longer in Australia due to law changes. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated Cheers
  4. I've got 3 discus & got them all within a 6wk timeframe & the last one I got seems to be a very picky eater I feed bio-gold discus pellets, brine shrimp, bloodworms & the frozen discus food. This discus seems to eat & spit out everything and I do not believe it has grown at all but it has been about 4mnths and he's still alive. The other two discus are now much larger. Is there anything to be worried about? Or anything else to try? Would he be dead by now if he truly isn't eating? (I simply have not witnessed this fish keep anything in - always spat it out again) My tank also has 1 ghost knife, 1 clow pleco & 4 bristlenoses so the only other food fed is algae wafers
  5. just joined recently got a 20cm black ghost knife - he's gorgeous!
  6. Do you have any Adult Peppermints for sale atm?

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