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  1. Hi guys looking for a 3ft tank and stand , pref with a canister filter and light would like the tank to be 2ft high and 1.5 wide but will accept 1.5 high and wide
  2. Trade for bristlenose or electric yellows a decent size and quality
  3. They got a nice shape mate , well done
  4. Will trade for equipment or fish of interest
  5. Have some lithobate fry here for sale @3-5cm $5ea or 10x $40 Some poor quality pics of parents below
  6. Is the stand one or 2 bits ? And would u take 150 for the lot ? think i pmd u but no reply :/
  7. Far k u cant even give em away these days ayy surprised still there mate :/
  8. Is that with the stand ?
  9. Ok so the price is right mate got my attention pm sending .
  10. How wide and high ate the tanks mate ? And wat fish ate in there ? I may come grab it
  11. How big are the fry's ?
  12. Oooooooo can i just have the light house
  13. Haha i know me room mate drinks the shit so was just guna steal one off him haha .. what about a cider n an empty pack of ciggys
  14. Got these 2 bits , 20 buks ono if u want em or will trade for lava rock with holes in , a 200 to 300 watt ehiem heater been in tank before but not for a while so there should be lil to no tannins .
  15. Hhhmmmmm ok ill have a thought or 3 about it then