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  1. Did u get em from Baz ? Good to see my babies still getting around there father was stunning in the 8ft @28cm he use to stop everyone dead in there tracks lol
  2. Are they Mara rocks or Tanzania ? Lmao if there Mara rocks they are from my old breeders afew years back lmfao , where the only ones in the country pretty much at the time
  3. 3m 7f kingsizeii @8cm just starting to breed $100 or trade for tropheus dubousi (adults preferably) nice lil fish just want there tank for the dubousi pics taken on crap phone don't do them justice
  4. 2m 11f @8-12cm breeding well $150 cash or trade for tropheus dubousi (adults preferably) pictures taken on crap phone so don't do them any justice :/
  5. Spilo tanz grow over 20cm
  6. Price drop $120 Lithobate colony $60 kingsizeii colony Need to make room :/ my loss is your gain
  7. Looking for a dubousi colony of about 10-20 must be female heavy or very cheap if u have no idea lol
  8. Where do they come from mate please ?
  9. Will trade for tropheus dubousi colony or decent size young
  10. Will trade for 2 bristlenoses around 4cm
  11. Bump , will swap kingsizeii colony for a 3ft tank and stand
  12. Huh :/ ? Where did u get them from ? Whats this location u speak of :/ ?? I'm curious as to who's bloodline they are or what shop they came from , not where your located
  13. Where are they from mate ? Cheers