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  1. Hi all looking for sum lava rock the browny red one with the holes in and also chasing an otto internal filter the 1200 type . If u have any u want to swap sum plasticy stuff they call monies for or sum scaley things they call fishys for let me know
  2. Sold many lithos yet baz ??
  3. Those albino ones are pretty cool
  4. Ok thanks mate where are they coming from ? And any pics at all :/
  5. 1 miiiiillllion tanks u say is it sum type of jet engine thingy :/ and never mind the neighbors u wont be able to hear em whinging anywayz
  6. Size and price of the naevo ?
  7. Yh and make a skimmer or use a sand filter
  8. 5cm with or without tails ?
  9. I have to ask mate are the tanks made from wood ? If so what do u seal it with can i ask please
  10. All sold . Thanks to buyer
  11. Nice fish mate , good work on the bubs love these guys makes me wana start breeding Americans !
  12. Its more so a pick the males out and swap them for food type thing or they kill ea other off there was 48 to start I think if I remember rite , It was a project I was working on but have changed plans for now as I lack the room to keep such an active fish