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  1. Will swap for a 3 to 4ft led light
  2. Hi all thought I would share some pics the litho's are liking there new home as am I , just have to excuse the shit camera .
  3. Pretty sure there's one on Gumtree ATM , could be a 4x2x3 can't remember but worth a look mayb
  4. just like to say good on ya for advertising them as x bred n wow still a pretty lil fish it would be interesting to see them grow out to see if they bar up n turn blue the males or not
  5. Any idea on the parents ie WC etc ? And how many did u grow out ?
  6. Not a bad stand Baz wat size r the tanks on there mate or can u fit on there ?
  7. Swap for a 3x2x18 ? Or a 4x2x2 + cash or trade ?
  8. Can I ask where they came from ?
  9. Hi all I'm chasing a cheap led light 2-4ft and some penacure 25 (or45) wormer if anyone wants to sell or swap me for sumthin , have some demasoni fry and lithobates @3cm atm and a few other tanks etc I can swap if u like or $$
  10. Bumppppppp
  11. Still havnt made the bin yet , ne one wanting a new sump or frog tank ? The 2ft wide tank can still be filled halfway
  12. 60 bucks anyone ?
  13. Anyone keen to half or third the colony with me ?
  14. Comin my way at all in next week or 3 mate ? Cheers shan
  15. Hey Buddy heading to aspley this weekend if its near there or along the way we can sort sumthin out I'm sure