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  1. Yeah it has glas lids aswell so i thought it wouldnt be this bad. Guess i'll see what happens only some greens
  2. What about untreated tap water for top ups? Will get replenished with water from goldfish tank 1-2 times a week
  3. I have just started a 120l tank specifically for growing plants to feed into my goldfish tank, elodea and duckweed mostly. The tank gets a bit of afternoon sun and appears to be evaporating 5-10% a day. Is it alright for the plants to do continuous top ups with tap water? Or should the water be treated (or use rainwater)?
  4. So i just home and it looks like his scales on his bottom half are starting to poke out Everything i read points me to a case of dropsy. About to put him in hopsital tank (took me all day to get it organised) fingers crossed
  5. The tank is constantly 22-25degrees. Has 3 air lines in already. It seems to be the only fish effected at the moment. Just started setting up a hospital tank which i will add some salt and the fish to tonight. Hopefully some quiet time might help
  6. I did my normal 25-30% change on wednesday which i have beem doing twice a week. Plus i did another 30% this afternoon. Ph:7.5-8 ammonia:0 (may have been .25 on wed) nitrite:0 nitrate:20
  7. Latest update: Poor white goldie is sitting on the bottom of the tank alot and lathargicly swimming when it does. Also constantly open and closing its mouth and looking quite sad. Hoping its not the start of something bad 20161125_195254.mp4
  8. Oh yeah forgot to update. Did a salt dose with last water change and a few frequent small changes. My novice knowledge thinks they seem to be better. They are alot more active and colourful now and eating like champs.
  9. I have some in with my goldies, they were shy for a few days but now they all get along, even feed side by side Thanks to the tip from @none they really do look awesome together
  10. Slightly better photo of fish in question
  11. Can anyone confirm if this rainbow is male or female? Top photo fish in question. Middle pretty certain is female Bottom is male, and in the last two day seems to be showing off and chasing the other two, just want to make sure its just a bit of randyness and not going to get aggressive.
  12. Got out of work early and got to AOA. trying some salt with water changes to see if we can help them out
  13. Yeah i'm going to go back do doing changes every 2-3 days. Is it worth adding anything to the tank to help fight the infection? She doesnt seem to be hitting the top but runs into the side alot.
  14. Found another article relating to them damaging their lips on things and they were banging into the glass yesterday so likely to have injured themselves? Top photo: she seemed to be bumping into the glass alot more then the other two.
  15. I got these fellas 48 hours ago and his lips went white this morning and one other started today. From what i read it could be from the stress of the move? What should i do to help them? Did a 30% change this morning. Ph:7.5 Ammonia; 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20-40 Temp: 22-25
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