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  1. There's plenty of cichlids coming in from Germany. Bay import. Some of the Germans are too stupid to understand export requirements needed by our government, and don't listen so exporting from other certain German people is a bit hard atm to say the least. ( I've been trying, so yes I know...)
  2. Have a couple if depth levels if making it yourself, up to 60cm for diff temps. Plant around it, the sun can heat it up by hitting the ground close to it, more then you might think. Location matters to, there's ways to cool it if you have to as well, with out a chiller.
  3. Don't forget drainage. I built a pond and put in a hose fixture so you could top it up by connecting the garden hose ( also drain and mulm clean it) it also was diverted off to the top of a waterfall to topup the pond, ( water change or just to watch/listen to it )
  4. Have a couple of depth levels. Keep in mind the sun heating the pond. Part of the pond should be 50-60+cm deep ( for thermal gradients and also for a safety escape - those blood ibis and cranes will live you) also can plant bigger potted plants, or a good gravel bed. Shallow bit can have gravel too or just pots? What fish do you plan on having in it?
  5. Low dose is so stupid. It builds up whatever diseases resistance.......... And its litres, not gallons. The sae and yoyo could become a problem, sucking slimecoats off the sides of fish, more bigger bodied fish usually. Keep an eye on them. In the pic it looks lick a bacterial infection, but when I magnified the pic the edges look ragged and ruff, like some fish have started eating it. ( just on my phone so only a certain quality can be seen)
  6. There's battery powered backup air pumps that run off mains power, as usual, and when the power is cut the batteries take over.
  7. The big one is Frank, the other is Bob and Jo should be around somewhere too.
  8. When you changed the layout of the main page, you killed this forum. We used to be able to see the last 20posts and SEE what we wanted to see. Now we have to look in every single section and its annoying to say the least... To start with.
  9. Clean 40 Lt rubbish bins for the fish. 20 litre water containers for excess water. Do water changes leading up to the move. Best move at night so fish r sleeping so they don't use oxy too much and don't stress as much. Filters into shallow container to keep them moist. Then just put everything together when there. Maybe stresscoat ? Too. If need help, ask here and I'm sure people here will he ( I might b able to help)
  10. 28°, rainwater change, live food, blk water, decap bs, wood java moss. Yes diet is ....omg.
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