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  1. Can anybody ID these worms?

    The big one is Frank, the other is Bob and Jo should be around somewhere too.
  2. Tropheus moliro colony n fry

    How much $??
  3. QLDAF need to change this

    When you changed the layout of the main page, you killed this forum. We used to be able to see the last 20posts and SEE what we wanted to see. Now we have to look in every single section and its annoying to say the least... To start with.
  4. Moving Day

    Clean 40 Lt rubbish bins for the fish. 20 litre water containers for excess water. Do water changes leading up to the move. Best move at night so fish r sleeping so they don't use oxy too much and don't stress as much. Filters into shallow container to keep them moist. Then just put everything together when there. Maybe stresscoat ? Too. If need help, ask here and I'm sure people here will he ( I might b able to help)
  5. 28°, rainwater change, live food, blk water, decap bs, wood java moss. Yes diet is ....omg.
  6. QCG Fish Only Auction Saturday May 14th

    Looking for apistogramma...
  7. New tropheus fry. What do I do??

    You may have to recondition the mum, esp if she's a constant breeder. (Hopefully they're the same type) You can leave her in the main tank with no problems. Separate by putting her in a fry tank or a satalite tank. A food high in algae, or nori sheets is good. Water changes will help them grow faster too
  8. We now have Marine Fish...

    Not many tanks, not many fish either
  9. QCG Fish Only Auction Saturday May 14th

    What's going to be there?
  10. Datnoid

    There's a DAT on petlink atm I think its one of the 7 or 8 that were advertised a month or so ago. Don't know what sort
  11. Checking In

    you missed the point.
  12. Todays Fish auction

    A lot of plants and bristlnose... The odd jem here n there.
  13. Guppys in outdoor pond NO heater?

    Find some locally bred that have previously been over wintered in an outdoor pond. It also depends on how cold it gets
  14. New to this site- can i get some advice

    Any betta macrostoma still around?