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  1. I looked it up minutes after I wrote this and in literally 30seconds I found that this mooning cr@p is just that. *It occurs in wild caught fish, but the natives put them back coz the white fella don't Like no un-uniform lines in dem dar fish. *It 'seems' to be more prevalent in f1 fish for ? Reason... *So making it an " inbred" issue is a load of cr@p and shows that person knows nothing and is just following the crowd ...ands that's all I read and needed to read about this mooning bs !!!
  2. What's this mooning cr@p ??? Mean?
  3. Liverpool creek is auctioning some now...
  4. Downstream aquatics has both
  5. Good breeder $20
  6. Have 5 $100 ono, a couple have funny nose shape but otherwise healthy msg me
  7. Red leopard $100 Can have pig blood too( no time since the move) bit skinny Sorry but doesn't like being woken up lol and dirty tank.. They were breeding...
  8. Bred male, I'm sure its a male?, $80 Call 0497166618
  9. 28°, rainwater change, live food, blk water, decap bs, wood java moss. Yes diet is ....omg.
  10. are they still available? Call me 0497166618
  11. Hi are you going to the auction tomorrow night?
  12. Why don't you buy the abei angel, in my pic ? lol
  13. Looking for apistogramma...
  14. Can you deliver ?