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  1. Liverpool creek aquarium has heaps atm
  2. ONO.....
  3. That's better then half price for 2 "pairs"...
  4. Downstream aquatics have some, but they're fn expensive. A lot dearer than the ones I sold lol
  5. Lloyd's are fn beautiful and he has some rare stuff too. If you want quality talk to him. He's on fb too
  6. There's a DAT on petlink atm I think its one of the 7 or 8 that were advertised a month or so ago. Don't know what sort
  7. Rad reds....
  8. you missed the point.
  9. A lot of plants and bristlnose... The odd jem here n there.
  10. Find some locally bred that have previously been over wintered in an outdoor pond. It also depends on how cold it gets
  11. Any betta macrostoma still around?
  12. Anything..?
  13. Abei angelfish.......
  14. Bump. Red barclaya....
  15. I have 4 plants for sale ( not needed) 2@ 10 cm not inc corm $25 ech 1@ 12cm not inc corm ( good corm) $35 1@ 15 cm $40 All 4 for $100 2 bigger ones - in tanks, are for me and not for sale and yes that's a qld lace plant too. Text 0497166618