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  1. Previously I have kept many different L number plecos and Corys
  2. Currently only adolfoi corydora, I'm slowly rebuilding after devastation. I have a reverse trio of L134 subadults, two pairs of peppermint bristlenose however the females may still have a little to go before they breed, orange Venezuelan Corydoras that I plan to once they grow up, black cherry shrimp, two different variations of mystery snails, and hoping my spiky marsh snails I just acquired will have a go if I can combat the brackish water for the babies' situation. I did have a trio of panda guppies but the male decided the grass was greener on the other side, however he didn't realise it was much dryer as well. Overall nothing special but gotta start somewhere to rebuild slowly
  3. Picked up two females for an awesome price, no longer require any more. Thanks
  4. Edit: Picked up a couple for an awesome price, no longer required. Thanks Chasing a female peppermint bristlenose or two in the Brisbane/gold coast area. Cash waiting, please let me know if you have any available Thanks
  5. I used to have them. Unfortunately lost them due to a bad water change after the real estate sent a guy out to replace the pump in the rain water tank and neglected to mention he added chemicals to the rain water tank. I was absolutely devastated as they had bred for me several times, I even had an albino sewellia colony. Would definitely be interested to know if anyone still has these as they were among my top 5 favourite fish
  6. Hey, I just started collecting L number plecos a few months ago, I have 6 different types, l002, l066, l104, l168, l333 and l397. All are fry between 3cm and 5cm roughly. My partner and I also keep 6 types of Cory dora, discus, sailfin plecos, gibbiceps, shrimp, apisto's and royal whiptails, common, albino and calico bristlenoses. we currently have sterbai, bronze and albino Cory babies hatching atm. Looking to acquire more L numbers including pairs and trios, and more Cory doras, If you are selling any pairs or trios or are selling any of the rarer corys please inbox me. Thank you
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