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  1. You're out of the loop these days Winston. Other strange but true news you may have missed; Donald Trump is US president, and there's a pandemic.
  2. I can't see how. The section of tank that is separated by the weir will flood with water so quickly when power comes back on that the lower level overflow will quickly purge of air and drain at it's usual rate. the water level of the main tank will remain where it was. While the power is off, the weir will prevent the main tank from draining to the level of the lower overflow. I don't think you should disregard the idea of a solenoid. It's quick, cheap and easy.
  3. Hi Aquilaji, Thanks for an interesting topic. From my reading of this thread, I think we are all a bit confused about the set-up. I think most of us consider a siphon to be a device which uses atmospheric pressure to push water up and over the tank edge, before discharging to the sump. The term siphon as you (and others) use it in relation to Herbie design, is really a fully flooded overflow to eliminate noise and micro bubbles. The only way that can work is if you have a high level overflow in conjunction with a control valve on the low level overflow (siphon) so that the low level overflow allows almost, but not quite as much flow as the output of your sump pump. I don't think this can work safely without a weir. If you have a low level stand pipe in the tank proper, the water will drain in a power outage and unless you have a massively over sized sump, this will flood the floor. I think there are three obvious ways to fix your problem; 1) Install a weir with Herbie overflows incorporating a control valve on the lower overflow, 2) Install more overflows to cope with the output of you sump pump, or 3) Install an NO (normally open) solenoid controlled valve in line with the lower level overflow, so that air is excluded from that line in the case of a power failure. In this case excluding air is different to preserving a siphon, but I can see where people get confused. BTW I don't understand what you meant when you said that you had bulkheads drilled in the DT. I'd like to see a photo too, because I'm not sure that I understand properly either.
  4. Hi,

    I've seen that you've had Tinanti for sale before.

    I'm after some at the moment, and maybe some other fish.

    Could you message me your phone number so that we can talk?



  5. Hello All, I've been out of fish for a while. I'm looking to start breeding fish again; does anyone know where to get interesting fish, especially: Tinanti, Humpheads, Red Humps, and anything else interesting.
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