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  1. Thanks @ noone, l think that I'd like to get some young ones and watch them grow and colour up, thanks for the offer though ☺
  2. I went to my local aquarium shop today, and saw some of the rainbows they had for sale, and have decided that instead of goldfish, I'd love to get some rainbows, esp Macculloch's rainbow "Skull Creek" ,Western rainbow and Checkered rainbow "Flat Rock Creek" . The staff were very helpful and the assistant even got a book and showed me pictures of the fish when they had coloured up, to give me an idea of what they would look like . Who would have thought ( not I anyways ) that such dull fish would have such beautiful colours.
  3. As the title says, what do people advise if anything, to have on hand for treatments for the various ailments that fish get ?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, l was a bit dubious about it working so quickly.....I think l will do as you guys advise and use it and test water until all is good . I've waited this long, a bit longer wont hurt.
  5. I have been reading about cycling my tank and while looking, I've come across a product called "Quick Start" has anyone used it ? is it any good ? According to the blurb you can add fish right away, thoughts and comments please and thankyou
  6. I'd never heard of ripariums before, but after looking on the net, they look awesome I'd be interested in seeing how you go.
  7. Hi BristlenoseGirl, Thanks for that , nothing wrong with being strange...makes life interesting..lol
  8. Just wondering if there are any Fancy Goldfish keepers here ? or are the majority of members Tropical/Marine keepers, I can't seem to find much about goldies Or am I just looking in the wrong place ?
  9. Hello, I'm looking into starting up my unused 200L fish tank and have decided to get some, well 2 or 3 fantailed goldfish. Now I've done my intro, I'm off to see what fantails my lps has, just to look at not buy, you understand .....although I really want my fish now lol
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