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  1. Ello! Yeh i had 3 30cm+ bream with an adult jack dempsey in a 4x2 for over 12months, they were very agressive for the first few months mainly toward each other. Tho i suspect if the JD wasnt such a badass he would have been picked on. I felt like they eventually lost the agresion due to a ready supply of food, coming from the wild id say they need to be so agresive to survive.
  2. Another old post but meh...k Just depends on the fish, one of my Bullrout ate my 20cm Murray Cod, and anything else i tried keeping it with, even silver dollars went missing lol. But it was the meanest one ive had yet.
  3. Yo, i got my bullrout onto frozen foods arround that size by using some cotton string and a peeled river prawn. Just very gently twitch the prawn along the bottom like your fishing, i had better luck when other fish showed interest. But once it took the first one he was eating anything i dropped in within a week. No pellets yet but... P.S try to be patiant they spook easy untill they start to recognise you as the "Bringer of Food" haha.
  4. Hey ive allways used charcoal in every filter ive had, seems to make the water alot clearer than before i started using it... i just put new charcoal in every 3months or so and ditch the old stuff. Still im no expert aquarist
  5. Hey, i used to mix and pre-heat my water in a fullsized wheelie bin i got from bunnings, i never had any issues doing this.. If i remember correctly it held a little over 200L, once the water was ready togo into the tank i just used an old filter pump to moove the water across..
  6. Thanks i didnt even know about this petshop, must go have a look.. Any recomendation on the thickness of the foam for a 600x600x450mm tank?
  7. Anyone know a good place to get foam and how thick should it be?
  8. Great looking tank! And thanks for the info..
  9. "Slipshodman" What filter are you running on the tank if you dont mind me asking, i just have concerns about the fry being sucked up...
  10. Cool video, im thinking of trying to breed cons or something similar like blue eyed cichlids maybe even firemouths..
  11. Ye ive been leaning toward maybe a breeding pair of convicts, firemouths or possibly even blue eyed cichlids just because i like watching them sheppard the fry around the tank...
  12. The new tank im slowly getting together is 600x600x450 just something cheap i came across at a petstore, i have re-sealed it and added support to the stand. Still need to decide what im going to put in it...haha Any suggestions on fish?
  13. Hi mick, Yeah the bream were fine in the freshwater all i did was add alittle more salt to the water than i was for the JD but not enough to affect him.. They all lived happily together for well over a year before i gave them to a mate for his brackish tank, one thing i noticed was how slow their growth rate is even with a good diet clean water and consistant temps..
  14. Hello all, just saying G'day... just a photo of an old tank that housed 2 small bream and jack dempsey.. Just recently started to get back into the hobby after being unable to have any tanks for the last 3years, looking forward to it..
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