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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Recently lost some fish as my tank crashed but that's a story I don't want to relive lol. I want to start off again with some striped silver dollars preferably small ones. If anyone know where I can get some in qld or nsw please let me know!
  2. When I purchased my tank the builder warned me that starphire glass is easier to scratch than normal. I recently got two scratches on the sides (which aren't starphire). They were deep enough that my finger nail would catch it when I ran it past. After reading up on this I tried tooth paste, surprisingly with a bit of force it came out. I was a bit paranoid with using metal polishers just incase it would affect the water.
  3. Hey Guys, Stumbled across this forum whole researching information for my new tank. Found a lot of helpful info to help me along the way and it's great that it's an Aussie forum. Looking forward to getting my new tank going once cycled!
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