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  1. Hi everyone, WTB a 8Lx3H x2W tank. Can anyone point me in a direction of a builder? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. It’s a 6 foot tank with Anubis plants (only 4) I have a 5ft LED Light bar on top. I was thinking the same. Give the fish some consistency of lighting. I have mine on about 10 hours per day. Might but some timers ans have lights come on later in the day.
  3. Low tech 6 foot tank, just a few Anubis plants.
  4. Hi fish keepers, just want to know how long do you all have the lights on. Do you leave them on all day? Part of the day? Only when your home? Fish and plants need light but how long is good? Cheere
  5. Thanks bud. Yes they all get along fine. The PC bass thought the blood parrots where fishfood for about a minute (smashed the bags as I put them in) but fine after that. I was freeking as I had them flown up from Sydney. All good now. Lol
  6. Hi guys and girls. Thought I'd show a YouTube video of my tank. It's been up and running for 3 months now and I'm pretty happy with its progress. Cheers https://youtu.be/T56mxquvgxs
  7. Haha yea they are good. I've already got plans in the pipeline for a MFK tank 8Lx1mHx2W. This will be the tank I've always dreamt of. All my fish are juvenile ATM, great to watch.
  8. Hi. Thanks heaps. I've had various setups over the years, started from gold fish to Australian natives, Africans, Americans, etc etc lol too many to list. All standard warm water fresh water tanks. I must say the Australian native with my Jardine toga was my fav. (That was in a 8x2x2 tank) Now I have a 6Lx2.5Hx 1.5W tank with curved corners and I'm going for exotics. i had a 6 foot marine tank, which I called the meat grinder! lol I had a coral cod, some large Lion fish, Moray Eels and a port Jackson shark. I didn't go down the road of corals it was too hard and it didn't suit my budget at the time. I have currently stocked with Peacock Bass, Tinfoil Barbs, Blood Parrots, Gibbiseps and plecos. Hopeing to get some really cool, rare fish. Pretty exy tho. Fishnobs
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