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  1. north side brissy here. welcome! keen to see some pics of your fish and tanks
  2. just bought some peacock moss from you guys last week. love it
  3. Thanks for the info! I just bought a aquael 10l tank for my guys and picked up some yellows, Sunkist, blues, Black's and more reds. Really happy with it and the shrimp seem to be doing awesome Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. That's awesome! I've got a tiny little RCS tank probably around 12l as well. It currently has fluval stratum with some lace fern and some other carpeting type plant and 3 RCS with a battery powered led fairy type lights on it. Basically do 600ml of water changes once a week and that's about it. These guys have been kicking on for ages but I want to upgrade the light so I can add some more plants and shrimp. Love your tanks! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. they are awesome! any info on the tanks setups?
  6. are you talking about running the lines inside the pipe? not actually using them as the pipework?
  7. cheers guys! yeah im pretty anal with the tanks. love having clear water and a good home for the little guys. The mrs will often catch me working on the tanks or sometimes just staring at them haha
  8. 1300??? wow. bit steep haha. stand looks the goods!
  9. hell yeah! ill be staying tuned thats for sure. On a side note...mitch is a pretty cool first name
  10. looks awesome! i feel like i need to rearrange my tank
  11. thought I would post up a couple of picks of my tanks. I have a 3ft community tank and a small maybe 10 litre red cherry shrimp tank. I did have a fair amount of shrimp in the tank but i recently lost a few while i was away on holidays. The inhabitants of the community tank is a bi interesting. a couple of fish that wouldn't normally be put together but they are all living and getting along fine. pretty happy I'm not sure what the plants are that i have. the fish love taring them out of the substrate though. and eating them :/ i'm currently looking for some sort of ground covering plant to put in various places in both tanks. i use a biopro 800lph external canister filter to service both tanks and the fishy tank has a fluval aquasky led light with remote. The community tank holds 2 dwarf gouramis 4 yellow honey gouramis 2 red honey gouramis 3 black widow tetras 3 rummy nose tetras 9 neon tetras 2 serpais 3 lamp eye tetras 2 white clouds 2 platies 1 bristle nose catfish
  12. thanks guys! I basically chose the fish because they are relatively easy to look after. But im keen to start figuring out what new fish i want next. any suggestions?
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