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  1. Does anybody know of any feral fish on the Sunshine Coast.
  2. Nice tank! What’s the stocking?
  3. Thank you everyone. The reason I have posted this thread is because I am setting up two fish tanks at my school. One is supposed to model a healthy water way filled with native fish and native plants, while the other one is supposed to model an unhealthy water way with Introduced fish, rubbish and introduced plants. I hope it will educate some of my peers to help protect our precious waterways.
  4. Hello everybody. I was wondering if anybody knows any places to catch Introduced fish species, preferably somewhere not on private property and outside of a national park as I don't want to get in trouble from the law. I am not in anyway interested in mosquito fish and I already have several reliable spots for swordtails, Guppies and platies so please no locations for those species. Thanks in advance.
  5. Best Freineds super centre in Kawana is pretty good. Also, the one on Aerdrome road that has been previously mentioned is pretty good, aswell as pet empire in Nambour. Also is this aquaholics shop a thing that replaced pets and ponds, or are they totally unrealated?
  6. Hi guys! I like the look of this forum, so I joined! I have an aquamode 600 with 10 neon tetras, 10 rummynose tetras, a Siamese algae water, 2 bristlenose catfish, 4 bronze Corydoras, 5 swordtails, 2 pearl dainos and 2 leopard dainos. (I will be replenishing my Daino and corydora schools pretty soon).
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