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  1. Any one know where to espei rasbora? Aka lambchop rasbora? Even good online places?
  2. I'll do another water test tomorrow and update. Didnt know about them liking a bit of salt though
  3. Hi everyone! I have a ~70L freshwater tank, heavily planted. Stocked with red cherry shrimp, kuhli loaches, pygmy cories, and male guppies. The guppies dont seem to be doing well in the tank. Everyone else seems happy enough, but the guppies only seem to live a few weeks to months. I'm thinking I might not get anymore guppies (as much as I love them), but keep the rest of the stock. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what a good tank mate for the rest of the stock would be? Preferably something that is a bit more free-swimming like the guppies, as the loaches and cories are quite shy (unless food is involved) Open to any suggestions! Thanks K P.S currently considering dwarf rasbora or harlequin rasbora. Thoughts on either?
  4. One of my guppies (previously well, have had him for a couple months) has stopped using his tail! He is managing reasonably well with his dorsal fins keeping him buoyant and moving, but he is not moving his tail at all. The rest of the fish seem fine, including a handful of other guppies. I did have a corydora die the other day (got him out of the tank before he died, so no tank pollution), which seemed a bit out of the blue. What could it be? It doesn't seem like a swim bladder thing because it completely can't move its tail. Help!!
  5. Thanks everyone! Looks like I need to make a trip to Smiths to start with
  6. Hi Just wondering if people have go-to places to get their fish/tank needs? Anywhere with particularly good stock, good range or good prices for quality? Thanks!
  7. Great, thanks for that advice!! Perspex might be an option then
  8. Thanks guys I'd love to do something like perspex with holes drilled but I don't think I have the skills. That corflute stuff might work. Looks like the stuff that companies use for signs. I think I'll just walk through bunnings touching everything until I find the right strength haha. I am also worried about chemicals leaching into the water though. So much to consider!
  9. Hi I want to DIY a divided tank for bettas, and I've been looking online for advice. Only problem is the majority of tutorials/videos/posts are from US/UK and I can't seem to find the materials needed in australia. I'd like something more solid and I saw a video where a lady used Sintra PVC- anyone know the Australian equivalent and where to get it? If I can't get that I'd settle for the mesh/report binder method but I can't find black plastic canvas/mesh anywhere (only clear or white). Any help? Thanks!
  10. Not with tiny Cory and kuhli mouths!
  11. I'm new to this whole business and was just wondering how to know how much to feed my fish. I have a pile of shrimp (40ish by my rough count), 3 Pygmy cories and 5 kuhli loaches. Whenever I put food in the shrimp dive on it and devour everything, with the cories sometimes joining in. The loaches are new and still nervous so I barely see them. How do I know how much to feed them? I'm worried the rest of the fish aren't getting enough because the shrimp are so quick
  12. I bought an established tank which ended up being smaller than the seller told me. I'm disappointed but otherwise it seems to be a great tank so i think it just means Ill end up with multiple tank syndrome. Considering I had stocking plans for a bigger tank- is 70L too small for a bristlenose pleco?
  13. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I am getting a tank around 150L in size. It's already established with plenty of plants and some driftwood. It has red cherry shrimp, dwarf cories and a male betta. I think I will move the betta to his own tank and add male guppies and a bristlenose, which is what I originally wanted. Will they all get along?
  14. Hi! Just posting to say hello! I am new to this website and new to aquariums. I am about to purchase an established aquarium and will probably need plenty of advice! Looking forward to meeting people!
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