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  1. Hi all i picked some mobas on the weekend and think one may have bloat he swimming in circles to the top of the tank then lays on his side then repeats i have him in hospital tank treated with epsom salts at a mix of 1 table spoon per 20 litres how long should i keep him in there for water changes redose with epsom i was thinking 25% change daily
  2. I believe my excess is $400 and i was told could be anywhere from 150 to 300 per fish to replace depending on quality i have a pic of them on my profile so would be better to pay the excess ill let u all know how it goes
  3. Ok thanks guys for ya help im going to try claim them on insurance any ideas what they would be worth to replace mimpbwe blues colony 2 males 30cm + and 7 females 17 to 22 cm
  4. Unfortunately i have to look for new fish as i lost my colony of mimpbwe blue frontosas due to a a faulty heater im after mimpbwe blues or mobas or zaires ikola or kipilis let me know what u have not interested in Burundis thanks
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