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  1. Hey guys and gals Looking for some advice on quality regs + solinoids avalable to us here in AUS. I see a lot of cheap $50-120 options flooding ebay with different brands stickers on them though they all seem to be made by the same factory line. I know of Co2 art, GLA, and Aqua Medic but do we have anything that is made here that I can be sure has the correct AUS thread for our cylinders and not have to pay excessive postage? Ideally I want a reg + soli combo with adjustable working pressure. What do you guys think of the Up Aqua regs? Cheers
  2. Are you finding the dead Guppy Fry or they are just going missing?. If they are disappearing (depending on their size) they may be being eaten by larger fish or sucked in to filter. It is unlikely that the ferts are the cause of the fish deaths as long as your tests are accurate but there may be many other reasons that your plants are not going well. I guess that perhaps your light is not good enough as the first line of trouble shooting - add a picture of your tank if you like, might make it easier to help you
  3. If you can find Nerites I would love to hear about it!! Nice snail too
  4. I know there has to be some Betta freaks out there and I wanna see what amazing fish creations you have. I don't have any but am considering one for my shrimp cull tank... Goooooo
  5. That is a great idea mate I'll have a play with that. Although I'd love to hear the easier way too Cheers!
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on Auto Dosing ferts in fresh water. I will be going away for a week or so at a time and I follow a slightly altered EI dosing 3x a week and Glut everyday which is a bit much to ask of someone else to do for me while away. Anybody know of a cheaper/easy way to do it? I have seen various types of pumps on Ebay from around $150-70 but I really only need something simple as I will premix everything into one solution. Cheers
  7. That looks like a quality line mate
  8. Very impressive! love that tail on the Red Moscow
  9. Welcome! Would love to see some pics of these fancy guppies
  10. Ohh perhaps! depends on how my current experiment goes but quite possibly. I'm sure ill trade something with you someday so I'll maybe take them then if you hold on to them haha.
  11. The leaves are a lot larger, depends if you get the small or large size. I got ordered the small but got that large anyway haha and so far the leaves get up to 30mmx10mm if you let them .
  12. I heard you can get these seeds from China.....
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