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  1. I have some on the gold coast
  2. Want to buy male peppermint bristlenose thats of breeding age (2+ years). Im located on the Gold Coast but happy to drive. If you have 1 that you can part with send me a message on here or mobile (0412 916 100)
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to get some recommendations in regards to aquarium LEDs. I'm looking at planting some high-light requirement plants in a 300L, 45cm deep, 120cm long tank. I was looking at getting an Aqua One Plant Glo as they seem reasonably priced and I've had good experience with Aqua One products previously. Thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated. Ken
  4. Just thought I'd give a late update on this, I decided to increase the water changes to 2x 30% changes per day; once in the morning and in the evening. Initially it didn't seem to make a difference, but I wanted to ensure water quality was not an issue. After approx 1 month, the small discus had a sudden change in behaviour and has since turned into one of my best eaters and seems to be noticeably larger week-to-week. He's probably close to 10cm now (up from 5cm, at the end of March).
  5. I'm going to increase the volume to 50%. @Apistophile - The video is crazy. I noticed this morning a small amount of poop coming from the sick fish which was dark in colour. Is it possible that the fish is healthy, but because the other fish are domineering in nature, it just hangs out away from the hustle and bustle?
  6. Hi all, 1 of my 10 juvenile discus has not been eating and hiding at the back of the tank for the last week. His colour is unchanged and in the rare instance that he comes to the front of the tank, he looks fine. It's been difficult to see if his poop is white, as I can never seem to catch him in the act... I feed the fish a variety of beef heart, Ocean Nutrition Reef Flakes, Hikari BioGold and freeze dried blackworms. I do a 20% water change each day, which is RO water supplemented with a carbonate buffer (pH=7, kH=4) and Discus Trace (Seachem) and Stability (Seachem). The ammonia, nitrite and nitrate has always been negligible. Some of the other fish are growing very well and getting somewhat aggressive at feeding time. The "sick fish" being the smallest. Im considering doing a deworming (product recommendations?) but would appreciate any advice or similar experiences.
  7. Thanks @The Tech Den - I've put in an order for some! @Apistophile - I've read a lot of good things about FDBW, I'll have to try them out!
  8. I've seen chatter by multiple different users from other forums comment, for example http://www.oscarfish.com/forum/fish-food-ingredients/1413-ocean-nutrition-ingredients.html And a more current review: http://www.oscarfish.com/1-star-foods/250-ocean-nutrition-formula-one-flakes-ingredients-analysis.html I certainly hope that these comments/reviews are mistaken, as I simply just want the best food attainable for my disco-boys.
  9. Hi all, I wanted to gather some opinions about the best all-round food to feed juvi discus. I had originally set my mind on Ocean Nutrition's Formula One but, Ive learnt that the company which produces this has changed hands and the quality has since declined. I'm now thinking about Hikari's Discus Bio-Gold but would appreciate some more experienced opionions beforehand. As a side note, my discus are currently vacuuming down frozen blood worms but Im trying to expand their diet to include beef heart and flakes. The beef heart isn't a massive hit at the moment, but there are a few nibbles.
  10. It might be worth noting that the metabolism of fish scales with temperature, so as temperature increases so should their energy intake. Unfortunately, this does also equate to an increase in the frequency of water changes. I'm currently doing a 20% change every second day >.<
  11. Hi guys, As I'm sure many of you are aware, Queensland has been scorching hot recently and Brisbane is set to hit 37 this Sunday. How do you plan to manage the water temp in your aquariums during this warm summer? I personally have tried using surface fans to facilitate more evaporative cooling, which helps reduce the temperature by ~2 degrees C, but the tank still can surpass 30.
  12. Hi guys, Relatively new aquarium keeper here, been going with a 70L community tank for about a year. I just picked a brand new Aqua One Regency 280 and am looking to stock it up! I really like dwarf cichlids, especially Bolivian Rams but Im also looking to break into discus
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