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  1. Hi, I think you didn't understand what I mean when you said I'd have to cycle again with a 100% water change. I'll try and explain / ask differently... When I ask if it's OK to do 100% water change once a week for Goldfish, I mean is it possible to run the pond without it ever getting the chance to cycle?, my 'idea' is that if I do a 100% water change once a week the ammonia doesn't get a chance to even build up enough to be a problem?, therefore I don't even need a cycle because I'm keeping all the bad bacteria out with a 100% weekly water change? I'm not sure if my idea works, or if a weekly 100% water change would cause other different problems... But user "pk333" has answered me already, it seems it should be OK to do a weekly 100% water change without making them sick / killing them. Thanks
  2. Hello,I've recently started a small 30 litre / 7 gallon outdoor pond with 4 Goldfish as pets for a 4 year old (common and comet).I understand the nitrogen/biological cycle of ammonia, nitritee and nitratee, then hopefully a 25% water change once a week while vacuum out the waste at the bottom along with adding conditioner to remove chlorine / chloramine from the new water should be sufficient to keep them healthy....They seem to be happy the way things are going but because of the sun the pond always has a bit of extra algae and waste in the bottom vacuuming etc. won't pick up...So I was wondering seeing as the pond is above ground and I can easily completely empty it / clean it quickly and without any trouble would it be OK to do a 100% water change every week to keep it very clean? - I don't know a lot about this stuff but I'm wondering if I'm doing a 100% water change once a week does this clean the water before a bad amount of ammonia would build up?, therefore not making it necessary to have a nitrogen/biological cycle as the weekly 100% water change would remove the bad stuff the good bacteria is taking care of?Of course if I did a 100% water change I'd use water conditioner for the chlorine/chloramine.It would be simple to scoop the 4 fish with a net into a plastic bag with the pond water, then float the bag on the new pond water until the temperature evens out (they would only be in the plastic bag for 3 minutes while I drain/fill the pond.Anyway just wondering if this sounds OK?, if it doesn't I can just live with my already cycled tank that's working with a 25% water change each week (although it doesn't keep it as pristine clean as I'd like it to look!).Thanks for any info / advice.
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