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  1. Hi there I'm in need of some help I have multi tank setup into sump with catfish in each tank,also have plants and mosses, My Anubius are pale and yellow colour so wondering if and how much IRON is safe for fish. Rather kill Anubius than my breeding pairs and trios. Never dosed any ferts in breeding tanks before! Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi there just wondering how much it would be to ship to Cessnock NSW 2325 . I'm after $50 worth of NQAE , the shrimp that eat ALGAE. Thanks very much.

    1. none


      Hi Wouldn't be worthwhile to freight $50 of shrimps to NSW sorry

  3. Thanks Everyone, and PK333 no I wish they were Zebra's , They are L080 Dwarf Tiger. Just had fry again but only about 10 . My mate has these and his first batch was 320 . Will add more Photo,s soon.
  4. Hi Everyone a few pics of some of my Fish and Shrimp, Not the best Photographer!!! Have a nice pic of Whiptail just can't find it!
  5. Will put some pics up soon, Thanks pk333
  6. Thanks guys,pandapete breeds them . Cool ,will check him out and ask a few questions. Thank you very much
  7. I have 12 fish tanks and a couple of shrimp tanks, I keep and breed Discus,Peppermint cats,Dwarf tiger pleco(L080) and Orange spot BN,s. Shrimp- Pinto,Snow Whites ,CRS and Extreme King Kong's . Also have Royal Whiptails and STERBAI CORY,s. Having trouble with breeding Whiptails, fry keep dying!!
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