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  1. rearranged the tank little more not sure if I am going to keep the Cardamine Lyrata but I will see. I just need to stop playing with things and let it go but u always just want to move this or try that. Going to try and keep my hands out of the tank for a whole Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Update on tank. Light arrived yesterday and extremely happy with it. The canister filter has cleared up the water and the tank is running perfectly. Starting to see some new growth and some melt on the plants which is to be expected. Picked up some more fish on the weekend The stocking is now 5 x albino cories 3 x peppered cories 1 x albino bristlenose 9 x rummynose tetras 7 x mixed rasboras 6 x Congo tetras Not sure if I still want the rainbows as the Congos are gorgeous I saw them fully grown at city farmers and just fell in love with they with there orange stripe and flowing tale Hopefully the plants will fill in in a few months Thinking about doing a soda stream co2 setup later this year ( birthday request) as were I live u can't get bottles etc refilled and no fish store here even stocks plants so I'm thinking soda stream that I can swap out at the supermarket is sounding like the best option. I don't mind it being a little more expensive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ok I'll start the list lol. On the wood there is flame moss, standard java fern, windlov java fern (crinkly) anubias nana, anubias nana petite. Behind the wood is hygrophila and two dwarf swords ( one is very short from my low light tank ). And then all the crypts. Parva in the foreground, behind that I'm pretty sure is lutea but not sure it was one of those assorted pots from pet barn. The emersered crypt wendtii red and I'm pretty sure more wendtii behind that. Hoping to have the parva eventually fill the area in front of the rocks and I'm thinking about leaving the other corner fairly open. Will be adding some dwarf blyxa and rotala rotundifolia once the light arrives. I was surprised at the substrate it is pool filter sand capped with Pisces iron sand to give it height ( I have a pot with the two substrates outside and the iron sand is so compact that it doesn't settle through the pool filter sand. I can't believe I broke the impeller that's what I get for actually following the instructions that say clean it for once lucky I can get another one online, will be ordering two just in case!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. hardscape. planted. So after a hell of a day yesterday my light was held up so I am using the smaller led off my shrimp tank. And when cleaning the new canister filter I dropped the impeller on tiles and broke the little ceramic rod. I will be ordering a new part today. ATM I have two small filters in the tank which are both cycled and the fish from my 10gallon. It is so funny watching the corie cats in the fine substrate they just bomb around the tank through it in the air. Thankfully it's fairly heavy so it doesn't cloud the water. The water is actually a bit cloudy but that is to be expected. Hopefully will have the light and filter part by the end of next week and will be picking up some of the remaining plants Saturday. Thanks to jc12 for the plants they are already starting to pick up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I think loot has them they may be a late addition as I live in a small town and the little shop that sells them hear wants $10 a handle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. That cut was off an old bed frame we just trimmed it to size the base skirt on the sides match. We will be having a dark timber edge with a ply middle and I'm getting hold of some ceramic vintage looking handles. Then we r going to clear vanish the whole cabinet so it keeps all the colours of the wood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Progress on the custom built stand. Completely made from reused hardwood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Finally getting a Bigger Tank, 42 Gallon will be a nice upgrade from my current 10 & 5 Gallon Nano. LOW TECH TANK WITH LOW - MEDIUM LIGHT Tank: Approximately 42 Gallon 36x15x18 inchs Filter: AAqua One Nautilus 800 (800L/hr) Lighting:UP-Aqua Pro LED Light Z Series 90cm Accessories Lilly Pipes ( eBay brand ) Glass ADA Thermometer Aqua-one Heater Substrate:Pisces Natural - Iron Sand and Pool filter sand Fish: 5 x Albino Cories 5 x Peppered Cories 6 x Neon Dwarf Rainbow Fish 1 x Albino Bristle Nose Catfish 10 x Rummy Nose Tetras 7 x Columbia Tetras / Congo Tetras / Flame Tetras or another small fish Maybe some Red Cherry Shrimp as I have a exploding population in my 5 Gallon Shrimp Tank Plants: HM - Pearlweed Java Fern - Normal and windlov Anubias Nana, Nana petite and some other one im not sure of the name of, Dwarf Sword Ech. Tropica Amazon Sword Hygrophila Rotala Rotundifolia Cardamine lyrata Cyperus helferi Lots of crypts!! Dwarf Blyxa Taiwan moss Frogbit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hey!! So excited that there is a QLD Forum, Cannot wait to talk about tanks!! I have two tanks a low tech 40L Aquastart 340 Pro which is a Heavily planted tetra tank, I also have a 21L Aquaone Rimless 40cm for Red Cherry Shrimp. I really enjoy planted tanks and hope to contribute to these forums.
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