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  1. That's interesting, however I'm happy with the filters I have currently
  2. I'd have two filters going: 1. 240W 6V 2. 240W 8V
  3. I've tried to figure that out by using online calculators. With the Eaton's brand calculator it says for 77 minutes. However a couple other sites have given up to 5 hours of run time. Is there a back up system you recommend?
  4. I am renting at the moment and don't have the means to switch my power source to a generator. What are your thoughts on a surge protecting power board? Something similar to this > https://www.umart.com.au/Powerware-Eaton-3S-550VA-300W-UPS_17299G.html#os_jieshao I think it'd automatically turn on when there's a black out and continue power the filters, even when you're not there. However are there better solutions? Thanks for your time
  5. I bought a filter and some media two weeks ago. I do like to keep an eye on this thread for anything interesting pops up!
  6. @inkevnito I just had to google all of them, so many mosses! Are you trying to get them to coat the wood?
  7. What moss are you growing on the wood logs? lol
  8. He's a stunning little guy! Oh no about the sales! Hopefully you'll get there. That website was really informative.
  9. Wowow what type of betta is he and what's the plant on the red rock?
  10. I do have shrimp in there, pygmy cories, ember tetras and 1 lonely otocinclus (I've been waiting to get him some friends). What do you stock your tanks with? I do see RCS in the tree tank.
  11. This is my planted tank It's not a very good photo though xD
  12. So I just took a look and WOW I don't know how I'd fit it in, but I like their floating ball moss cultivating holder too xD
  13. They are cool! I especially like tree nano. I like the aquascapes that look like a forest or have trees, they look good!
  14. Yeah I have a feeling this will be the case ^ Do you have pictures?
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