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  1. Haha Steve. thanks mate but I wouldn’t go as far as saying “Discus Legend” haha. Have definitely refined my ways a bit over the years though
  2. Omg are you serious? My twins are now 9 and they were only 1 yr olds when I was breeding back then! Those fish must nearly have walking sticks! Im glad they have done well. I do freight now also from my aquarium shop ~Ross
  3. Just get a Flipper Magnet cleaner, they’re cheap enough to not bother with DIY
  4. And a quick video 56FF9791-A73A-4C9D-8DD8-3C5D2A3A6961.MOV
  5. Hi guys it’s been ages since I’ve been on this forum, some may remember that I used to be under the username Rex82. These are some of our discus growing out :)
  6. One thing that's the common denominator with every person that's against beefheart, no first hand experience to back up their arguement.... id like to compare it to one of my favourite sayings.... lotto gives you 1 in 2million chance of not having to go to work the next day.... beer gives me 1in 5 chance of not going to work... you play your game and I'll play mine.
  7. When you fed beefheart did you have these issues you speak of @Rod?
  8. @Scott87 have you thought of making your own beefheart mix at home? Can be much cheaper but downside is it's not fun haha, the issue you could come up against is the beefheart being messy. @Gavin1980 I go through about 7kg of beefheart food per month with my discus , have fed it all my time as a discus keeper and only on a handful of occasions I've come across hole in the head it's been from fish I have brought with existing hole in the head and other times I reckon I can put it down to being in too soft of water for too long a time. Actually to think about I don't ever remember a fish that I've bred and grown up to ever develop it and they would be fed the beefheart mix as only food for entire life. Everyone has their own beliefs about where hith comes from but no one really can be certain.
  9. Mine would eat the cows if they knew that's where the hearts came from Lol
  10. I know where you can get 75% 50/50xpure black diamond pups for $3500
  11. They're not my tanks, tanks I have built in the marine realm
  12. Yeah I did live in Caboolture, I'm on the Southside now though so still not far away really
  13. Not really any tips mate, just clean water, keep the tanks crowded, keep them free of parasites and keep them fed.... at the moment I'm going through about 6-7kg of beefheart mix each month. I used to be on this forum under the username rex82, some may remember
  14. Hi Rob, yes I have quite a few here ready to go, I generally sell them at 5cm body length (not including tail) for $20ea but they're closer to 6cm really. I am in Brisbane but can ship Australia wide airport to airport, fish are fasted for 48hrs prior to flying and packed in oxygen for the trip
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