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  1. My pond build

    That was a typo. I meant crocodiles. Full size school of crocs from NQ. There is nothing Pygmy that should go in that colossal tank!
  2. My pond build

    Best build on the forum. Maybe Pygmy crocodiles...
  3. So the news is, for this interested. My Water is clear. Latest mechanical filtration added was a super fine foam pad I picked up from a mate a few weeks ago. I believe the particle circulation was a combo of two factors - a power head cycling my flake food across the water column and inadequate mechanical filtration (fine filtration not completely sealed to the edges of filter box). I have completely removed the power head and also ceased feeding floating flake pellets, the guppys who were eating them are fine. A few weeks worth of filtration experiments from lots of wool, less wool, Dacron, double Dacron, double ceramic media... The filter setup I have finished up with is large sponge, fine sponge, ceramic media, Dacron, ceramic media - Maybe that's all uneccessary now that the floating flake is gone. Perhaps this is all moot as this current carnation is about to be torn down in the coming weeks. Thanks all for your input!
  4. Surprised no one else has had an issue with this kind of algae, can anyone perhaps suggest another forum?
  5. @tutters187 are you suggesting I clean everything in the tank or cleanup crew? I have read SAE require a tank 80L or more - this is a 10 L tank.
  6. The battle continues - I ended up removing the elodea with black spot. A minor clean on the air line to my sponge filter a few days ago released a bunch of this super fine, spiderey webby thread algae. It's so fine that my attempt to wind it up with a chopstick only broke it apart. I removed what I could and double dosed with Dino spit again. I have also noticed a new growth on my driftwood. Dr google research has only found opinion driven solutions from other forums - I have added a fast growing stem plant (more elodea), Dino spat it and reduced light hours from 8.5 hrs to 6.5. I was dosing with flourish comprehensive which for my one java fern and newly added elodea is possibly unnecessary? Some say to dose more (to ensure plants are growing and soaking up NO3's etc, others say to cease... I am figuring it's a nutrients/light/co2 balance thing, but yet to find that balance...The algaes are in my crystal shrimp/mischlings tank so I am careful and concerned not to hurt the little tackers. Anyone have further suggestions or solved the problem before? Shrimp seem happy enough despite thread across swimming space in parts...
  7. Pretty cool eh @Delapool! Now I know that the deep purple song from the 70's was actually about flocculents...
  8. So the update for those of you that care (does anybody care?! Ha!) but mainly for those in future with the same problem is... Removal of the powerhead and ceasing the feedings of flake food has helped significantly (thanks @Delapool!) I would estimate around 50% reduction in the particles. The change with Seachen Clarity was insignificant (despite having a freaking awesome effect simulating an underwater fire on your weak attempt at a java moss tree and smoke underwater!). This took a few hours to clear (6-8) with no visible reduction of particles. The change with doubling up filtration (large sponge, wool, dacron, ceramic media, dacron, ceramic media) appeared to help just minimally. I have added the double media due to more frequent fine filtration changes to keep some good nitrifying bacteria alive and thriving - not sure if this helps? This evenings new plan of attack is removal of wool for a new superfine eggcrate style sponge. Second dose of Seachem Clarity tonight, again at recommended dose/Litre. This is all helping me lean further and further towards an RO unit, tank strip and rebuild, then converting to another SHRIMP tank. Filled with crystals and Taiwan Bees. Low maintenance, clear water, low bio load, yada yada.
  9. Sweet. That's what I had read and what I want. Low slow grower that needs no maintenence and adds a splash o colour o the tank. Thanks @joller
  10. @joller Slow growing is cool with me. Low maintenance is the goal... Is yours staying red? Do you dose, how much, how often?
  11. Hey Moist, Only a whopping order of 1-2. Could pick up if not too far. Where abouts are you?
  12. Anyone have this gear around Brisbane?
  13. Hey mate, PM and text sent.
  14. Thanks @gingerbeer you're probably right. I don't mind tannins in the water either - one of my shrimp tanks is littered with IAL and has painted the water a nice shade, although comparatively looks way better than the aqua one because it is crystal clear for particles...any particular brand you recommend for flocculants? I have thrown a fair few new scenarios at it this week so am going to review for the next week or so and see how we go. Thanks again for all the input legends.