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  1. Wanted: bulk guppies

    @Sparks has a heckload, bred outdoors in his pond.
  2. Thanks @tutters187 and @Arden -they weren’t quit the quality I was after.
  3. WTB: Guppies!

    Let’s see some pics...
  4. WTB: Guppies!

    @Sparks might have a few.
  5. Have been unable to create an account with both Gmail and hotmail.
  6. Hey @ageofaquariums it hasn't changed my issues. If you know anyone that runs the admin there pls get their details. My latest Comms from them said my registration application did not meet their requirements?! Rejected. I asked why, but no reply as of yet.
  7. @vsimo same for me here on Aquariumlife. I have also attempted to send email through the help portal several times to no avail. I think you need to know the secret handshake.
  8. Timber and Stone

    Black n Blue Neos!
  9. I think there is a new wave of young guns hitting the streets. With their high tech kit and the wyfys on the internets.
  10. anyone have these guys local to Brisbane or know of somewhere that sells them in Aus that can post?
  11. Just a couple! Close to Brisbane city for pickup would be great... Also, has anyone seen bororas brigittae floating around anywhere?
  12. Timber and Stone

    Had my first caridina juvies drop a few days ago. Stoked to see a few TB's hatched in there. Been a wee learning curve from just regular RCS, but glad I took the plunge!
  13. Timber and Stone

    Cheers @inkevnito! No these shaky shots are taken with my DSLR, mostly in the mornings, pre coffee! Check my little wild neo.
  14. SOLD