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  1. my first BN spawn was over 100 but at last count about 80 survived and are still growing.
  2. Hi and welcome back. I got back to it recently too after a long absence. The call is strong hehe edit: Sorry to hear about your daughter....i hope all is well again
  3. Hi and welcome Pretty fish. Good luck with them
  4. Hi and welcome ...seriously?? the pies??? lol
  5. I've got 4 adult and 80-90 fry (bristelnose) plus approximately another 50-60+ guppy fry plus the original breeding colony of 9 in a 160L. Just keep an eye on your water parameters. If you think things are going haywire, water-change and look at your filtration. I just run two sponges on that tank and its doing fine for now. And welcome
  6. Not in my tanks - algae is a good thing. means stuff can and is growing. the tanks are alive and ready for fry Lots more Java Fern for you though Kingo. Just need somewhere for it to grow out. Those 510's are a good tank. Have one myself in the kitchen as a community tank hehe.
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