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  1. Why aren't we allowed Koi in Qld ? They look awesome !
  2. Hey All Woke up this morning to find 2 Electric Yellows about 5mm each swimming around ... I didn't even know that my adult EY's were breading Is there anything special I need to do ? Separate them etc ? Cheers Josh
  3. Hey All Anyone know any good American online shops that ship to Australia ? Cheers Josh
  4. Any updates on this yet ? Can't wait to see it full of Water and fish !!
  5. I once went around to a BN Breeders house one day for a look and all they were running were those black foam looking air filters ( not sure what they are called ) in each tank and a huge air pump running the system The tanks weren't spotless but the BN were breeding like rabbits so they must have been ok
  6. Hey, I have an AquaOne 1200 and every now and again the filter makes a noise and small bubbles come out the duckbill. I have checked that the canister is closed properly, not sure where the air is coming from Anyone have any ideas ? Cheers Josh
  7. Hey, There's a guy in Gladstone who does trips up to Rocky every now and again , I forget his username Have a look through the breeder section
  8. Hi, I have just lost one of my young electric Yellows and noticed that my Cobolt Blues have sunken stomachs even though they eat heaps. Sorry I don't know my water parameters Does anyone know what this could be ? Cheers Josh
  9. Great looking setup ! So clean !
  10. Hey Mate, if you can't find them locally I would check Ebay. That's where I got my Aqua 1 hoses
  11. Hey Mate, This is going to look great ! I was glad to scroll down and see a proper stand Those first pics had me worried
  12. Hey All, What are your thoughts on mixing a Gold Spot Pleco with African Cichlids ? I have one ( 12cm ) in with 2 Frontosa and Electric yellow at the moment and everything seams fine. All fish are healthy and not picking on the Pleco. Is this ok for the Pleco ? Cheers Josh
  13. This is gonna look great mate ! Can't wait to see if full I'm sure some members on here can help you out with the Peacocks
  14. Hi, I have three standard BN ( roughly 4cm ) in a tank and was looking at getting a Sailfin Pleco of the same size. Are they good tank mates ? Has anyone else done this ? Cheers Josh
  15. Hey Mate Great looking display ! Where did you get the tank from ? ( if you don't mind me asking ) Cheers Josh
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