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  1. Hopefully I have done something for the psg population - I have released most of them into the local creeks - they were 4 months old, about 1 inch. I put them in Salvin Creek, Hemmant quarry and Bulimba Creek.
  2. More breeding - the pair have laid 200+ eggs in the new tank. What can be done with extra southern purple spotted gudgeons ???
  3. Thanks for the tip. I might need some cannibalism to help with over crowding in the 50 litre tank, or feed some back to the parents. Or let some loose in the local creeks to increase the native population. My local creek has mostly green swords, guppies and gambusia !!
  4. Success !! Looks like I got most things right. I now have 200+ baby psgs in the tank. Eggs were laid on the back tank glass. I am feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp and/or ground up dry fish food.
  5. I have found an "in-depth" paper on breeding wild PSG's in NSW. "This paper reports a study at the Inland Fisheries Research Station, Narrandera in the 1960s" Happy reading of the attached - for those Southern PSG enthusiasts. az.2006.021_PSGs.pdf
  6. Reviving this thread - Is there any truth in the head shape of PSGs as guide to sexing ? I have 2 which I think are male & female. Following some internet research and discussions, the more pointed heads are the females. I have attached a pic of my pair in the tank, they are the same size, male on top. Any comments from experienced breeders ?? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, joined up to share and gain knowledge of native fish keeping. I hope to breed some Purple Spotted Gudgeons and Rainbows. Attached pic of what I hope are 2 male and one female, Cheers, John
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