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  1. Not sure if this information is correct or not. But we were at an Aquarium shop in Brisbane a few weeks back and spotted a Lung fish they had in a display tank. We asked about it, and were told that no one in Aus is allowed to breed them anymore. And that they can't be imported as well. Like i said, not sure if this is the case. just what we were told. Cheers
  2. I do a 50% water change weekly. And a 30% mid week. All is good. We bought a few new Discus from Living Reef just this weekend gone. Gotta stop doing that. The wallet doesn't like it. Enjoy Your Discus. They're very addictive
  3. Hi. We are new to the forum. And recently new top the joys of an Aquarium. Absolutley loving it. Thanks, Stephen & Zoe
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