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  1. G'day all, New Forum user here.. I keep many kinds of fish along with exotic parrots and even reptiles. I have the following... Bolivian Butterfly Ram, German Blue Ram, Gold Ram, Koii Angelfish, Black Angelfish, Sapphire Blue Angelfish, Humphead Cichlid, White Convict, Albino B/N - Shortfin, Common B/N - Shortfin, Peppermint B/N - Shortfin, Orangespot B/N - Shortfin, plus more..... My main passion is the Humphead Cichlid. Always has and always will be... ( if anyone knows of colour mutations/morphs in them please let me know ) Other pets around the joint are a Neo Mastiff, Blue and Gold Macaws, Eclectus Parrots, Nanday Conures and a Coastal Carpet Python. (I did have 53 snakes as I use to keep and breed them but with everything else on the go I had to downsize in one hobby and the reptiles got the cut sadly). Im a Qualified Graphic Artist and that's what I do for everyday job along with Digital Printing and Prepress Technician.... I will always be more than helpful to help answer questions about the keeping and breeding of any the above animals mentioned. Well I best stop talking now and get to having a look around this forum and sharing some of my experiences with fishkeeping. Cheers
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