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  1. You can probably use the cave and the plants in a big tank So not a complete waste of money And you can sink the bowl inside the tank with some plants around it to make a big cave Be creative Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey As yoda said before, recently got myself one (about 5 weeks ago) He would of been about 4cm then, 5 weeks down the track, he is about 8cm. But really watch out on other fish, so far I have had native rainbow and some gudgeons with him as well as a 25cm short finned eel and a 15cm pleco. The rainbows would constantly attacked by the grunter, and I mean like every 2-5 mins (they all died because I had to do an emergency 65% water change and refilled with colder water way too quick) The gudgeons seem to be ok, the empire gudgeon is getting harassed if he isn't hiding, where as my small stripped gudgeon is mostly ok because he can blend into the sand at the bottom. The eel has no problems I think the Pleco is too big for the grunter to confront. Mine seems to be the happiest when the water is at 26 degrees and when I have the light on. He also loves all the little places to hide I have build/put in. Don't worry about the feeding, since they are quite active and have a personality, it took mine about 2-3 weeks before he was eating while I was watching the tank. But now if I walk up he will swim to the edge to check me out, also he now knows the sound of feeding time(moving the tank lids) As for the food type, I had him on protein 1mm pellets for about 2 weeks then changed to blood worms I feed the pellets in the morning and the blood worms at night, he seems to fucking love the worms, would defiantly recommend, Age of Aquarium did me a box of blood worms, 6 packets of 24 cubes, probably recommend 1 cube a day with the pellets, but just gauge how much he eats, should finish all the blood worms within 3-5 mins The eels and my prawns pick up the left overs off the bottom You will defiantly want to get a bigger tank though My 4/2/2 is looking quite nice with him in it for the near future Attached some photos for ya Let's us know if you need anything else Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey Most of the fresh water lakes and catchments have them around the Brisbane area A good indication is if there are shells on the shore Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mostly Australian natives that I catch Been doing a bit of small river net fishing at night lately, but will get better as summer comes. I have a emperor gudgeon and a small striped one. A sooty grunter, a sort finned eel and some other little ones of which I don't know. Happy to be part of the community Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey all Just an introduction A friend has recently gotten me into fish so I have brought my first tank Really excited to learn all I can Cheers
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