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  1. Hi max, This is my male, from reading your other post I believe you are after more red colouration through the belly? I like to try and pair up to encourage the colour change, I am still new to the hobby, I'm not really interested in fry more the parents. I had a stunning female with plenty of red i was growing out but unfortunately a month ago I woke up to find she had died with no explanation, water parameters were fine..I was devastated..(ive thrown in a pic of her as well..I was proud of the way she coloured!)
  2. As the title suggests I am after a female Festae ideally around 15cm to pair a young male I have, and I am also after a mature female Salvini around 10-15cm. Thanks in advance anyone who can help me out!
  3. Hi hobbyists

    I'm an American cichlid obsessed hobbyist and I also enjoy playing about with my planted tank which I couldn't help myself but adding agassizii. Fish I keep include a variety of Americans ie Festae, Dovii, Rivulatus, Salvinis, JD's, several varieties of pleco and a couple of Forest jewels for the peacefulness (yes I know they aren't American but I do like them). I have joined to expand my knowledge base and look for more American females, currently I am interested in a female Festae (approx 15cm) and a mature female Salvini. I will post a WTB when I work out how to do it.. Took me a while to work out I need to introduce myself first -.- Thanks for having me Lachlan.