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  1. Pair of Red Sevs

    Where's Windaroo?
  2. Hi, do you have any better pictures of the blues. What size are they, are they big enough to sex and also how much?
  3. Hi All,and happy new year. I am chasing the above dwarf also called Torpedo Cichlid, Weise's Dwarf Cichlid. Does anyone have these or know where I might be able to get some?
  4. Am interested in 5. Have PM'd you.
  5. Hi, wondering if you have any left?
  6. Hi everyone, although I have resigned I was a past member but somehow my login is gone so here I am again. I have started up some species tanks and am interested in all types of neolamprologus and lamprologus spcs. I currently have multies and similus breeding away and am trying to find some golden & blue ocellatus, hecqui and speciousus.