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  1. Hi

    Hey there....
  2. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    Thats an interesting point...im pretty sure the marble chips are more for the Ca element than the ph control, but i havent tried the recipe myself yet. Im planing on using crushed shells instead because the only tuscan path stones that the bunnings around me carry are quartz which i think are not the corret type. As far as peat i think it might be worth it if your trying to reduce you ph and keep a buffer.
  3. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    Thanks. Ill have a look.
  4. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    Thanks guys...it was a great read and i sort of ripped through it. Ill have to go back through a few chapters as i experiment. So ive decided to try both 2toneds substrate and dianas method...since i have two 2ft cubes and they are both going to be outdoors and next to each other so ill get to see how they work under similar conditions. Pretty excited to see how it goes.
  5. This would be cool
  6. 8x2x2 1/2

  7. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    Ive also looked at 2toned's method as well...its pretty interesting mix of components and seems like it would last awhile. I also have a friend that uses strictly local laterite soil for his tanks and seem pretty stoked with that...haha so many ideas out there, so hard to figure out which to try. Another question for you guys...how do we feel about the mid day siesta for lights to build back up co2 levels? Any experience with that?
  8. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    Haha...ya ive watched a few of his vids and hes pretty intense. Pretty sweet tanks hes got going though...
  9. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    Totally...i def move stuff around to and change my mind. Thats why im going to give it a go in my small tanks first to see how it goes...maybe add a few picts as i go through the process. Thanks for the feed back guys.
  10. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    I read a little thing about putting down a mesh between the sand and the soil to keep that from happening. Like a shade cloth???
  11. Hey guys... Just wondering if anyone uses the walsted method for a dirt tank? Ive been reading her book and starting to think about a experimental 2x2x1 outdoor setup with local pac blueeyes. If anybody has any tips or tricks they ve found id be super greatful for the advice.
  12. pH for native rhads?

    Thanks everybody.
  13. Staple Diet

    Start an worm farm...best thing you'll ever do.
  14. pH for native rhads?

    Tap water running about 7.6 and very soft sound about right?
  15. Anyone have an opinion on pH for rhads? I