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  1. Sheet the whole thing with ply or mdf and make sure you put a heap of screws into every support especially the tops, bottems and edges. Cut your doors in place and use trims to hide the seems. Bracing is your friend and sheering is your enemy when bearing a vertical load.
  2. Could go archer fish, fill tank 3/4 to the top and do a couple of branches sticking out. Its fun to watch them do their thing...im a sucker for dramatic meal time theater.
  3. I vote purple spot...that way you can have a bottem dweller and a mid water bass when you get bigger tank. Plus they have wicked personality.
  4. Is there an advantage to having to separate trays with the aqua one vs the loose medium in the eheim...i though it might make cleaning a bit easier having the separation between the sponges and bio media.
  5. Hey fish folks, looking at getting a new canister filter for my 4x1.5x1.5 planted tank. Ive got a new baby on the way so the less worry and maintenance the better...thanks guys.
  6. Bunnings has bags of tilers sand out in the building supplys area. Its double washed already and semi thick coursed. Kind of yellowish tint to it but i looks natural.
  7. Plenty of tilapia in the ponds around bel vista...unfortunately.
  8. Its the split photo peroid for lighting. For example...5hrs on, 4hrs off or a "siseta" peroid, 5hrs on again. Theres claims that it helps to minimise some algea by disrupting their growth cycle and maintain a higher concentration of co2 throughout the your daylight cycle via plant resporation during the "siseta" peroid. A few aquarium gurus support the claims, including D. Walstad in her systems...which i model most my tanks after. Just hoping to get some experiences from others on it...not trying to confuse anybody. -j
  9. Ive been trying to decide whether or not they are a benefit or not. Lots of variation in oppinions. Hoping the qldaf gods will shed some 'light' on the topic for us lesser beings.
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