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  1. pH for native rhads?

    Thanks everybody.
  2. Staple Diet

    Start an worm farm...best thing you'll ever do.
  3. pH for native rhads?

    Tap water running about 7.6 and very soft sound about right?
  4. Anyone have an opinion on pH for rhads? I
  5. So...just to wrap up this post. After a series of daily water changes with salt, cleaning out all my sponge filters, vacuming the crap out of the gravel a few times, uping the temp a few degrees and reducing feeding schedule...i think ive stablized the tank and I havent lost a fish in over a week. So thank you guys for the support and im glad i didnt end up using meds in the end. I think you guys nailed it with the bacterial build up and the addition of the new fish tipped it over into the kill zone, which led to the respiratory infections.
  6. Gonna do some collecting...

    Ya...just below the budrim forest car park...no kidding. Tons of rhads...but also sword tails.
  7. Ok so im still losing fish...im thinking its a parasite...the reason why is because each fish goes down the same way...healthy active then boom labored breathing, extra mucus on the body, red swollen gills, and dead in a couple hours. Also the fish i introduced had it first now its moving into my orginal stock. Thinking of hitting the remaining fish with blue planet trichlorfon tablets in a hospital tank to avoid killing off my bristlenose and colony of glass shrimp. What are your guys thoughts?
  8. Thanks guys...i feel like im on track again. Hopefully the 50% water change, cleaning the sponges and a reduction in feeding for awhile will restore the balence. As for treatments...whats everybodys go to for a bacterial treatment, parasite treatment or a fungal treatment. Hopefully i can save any other fish that dont make it. Sucks i lost some really great fish, but hopfully those were the only ones. Ill give a report on a couple days.
  9. Just gave them a squeeze and the flow is ten times better...ive had problems with a rising ph as well...can bacteria cause that?
  10. My sponges are still pushing out a good amount of water...and yes i treat my water. Prime and salt.
  11. I havent cleaned the filters since i put them in a few months ago...didnt think they need to be to keep the good bacteria levels up. How often should i clean them and should i just rise them in the tap?
  12. I usually do a 25% change every week. I use sponge filters and a aquaponic filter up top of the tank. I havent been vacuuming the gravel lately but i did partilally last night. Will try a 50% water change ro see if it will help.
  13. Parameters are good. I dont run heat being in sunshine coast and keeping natives. Lots of aeration. I did introduce new rhads recently and they were the first to die. They started gasping but had what looked like a bacterial growth on them. My blue eyes seemed to get a mouth fungus and they stop eating and waste away. No co2 or ferts. The gudgeon seems normal phyiscally, but has labored breathing and lethargic. Im thinking a parasite or something to do with the gills. But not sure.
  14. Hey guys Ive got a 4ft tank with aus and png natives in it...Rhads, peacock gudgeons, blue eyes and a bristle nose. I use salt and prime with tap water. From the tap the ph is 6.8 and 2d kh. The tank hangs around 7.2 but creeps up to 7.6 after a week or two and about the same kh as the tap. Ive been slowly losing fish it started with my blue eyes and then rhads and now gudgeons. I tried treating the last rhad with tetracycline and water changes in a seperate tank thinking it was bacterial but didnt work. Now one of the gudgeon is hanging around the top of the tank and acting unlike her normal self...let me know your thoughts.