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  1. WTB male green texas cichlid

    hey sorry I never got bak to ya wit photos im only new to this site so wasn't sure how to put a photo up but if u want to send ya number through here or if u have credit now u got my number from above messages and ill send some pitures he is really beautiful cheers
  2. F1 frontosa Chaitika fry

    give ya 80 i don't really want them but if u do it for that price ill grab them cheers 0424946845
  3. Mikula frontosa colony

    just so u no I'm keen
  4. Mikula frontosa colony

    hey mate can you Chuck me a text on 0424946845 to talk about the sale
  5. Mikula frontosa colony

    and r the fish all related or from different colonys
  6. Mikula frontosa colony

    were u located mate
  7. gone

    how old are the frontosa and what size and how many males and females what price for all cheers
  8. F1 Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba

    hey mate let me no if they don't sell or ill b interested in taking them
  9. WTB male green texas cichlid

    u can message me on0424946845 if ya interested cheers
  10. WTB male green texas cichlid

    hi i have a 15cm mate green texas beautiful colour if ya looking for one
  11. stevo wc moba

    hi i was just wondering if any body can help me identify what sort of zaria this fish is it has a bit of a rounded head deep blue colour pretty sure it's male
  12. F1 Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba

    would you be interested in selling 2f by chance if so can you please contact me on 0424946845 please text or even 1
  13. F1 frontosa Chaitika fry

    were u live mate
  14. stevo wc moba

    hi everyone new here to this chat site hoping to learn lots from everyone i have 3 wc moba and 3F1 chumbas want to learn lots so any pointers on breeding b very appreciated