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  1. Diana Walsted...dirt???

    You could also check out Foo the Flowerhorn on YouTube - he's done some low tech dirted tanks and posts updates so you can see growth etc. Super calming to watch too.
  2. All good, if you do find any I'd appreciate it
  3. Hi Col, random question but I have some friends that have been talking about getting some mts. Would I be able to grab a few before you nuke them?
  4. Just below the mouth - showed up about a week ago. We weren't sure if it was from him bumping into something at first but it's gotten bigger.
  5. Hey all, One of my friend's platies has a weird little lump on his face. He's in isolation at the moment and has been for the last 3 or 4 weeks (we took out the other female platy to give her a break while a bigger tank was being cycled). Anyone have any ideas on what it is, and how to treat it? Water params are 0/0/10 ammonia/nitrite/nitrate.
  6. My first tank!

    Quick update to say thanks to @JB and @Goldcoastfishy who I met on the weekend - the rams have settled in nicely as evidenced by the eggs (after they shoved gravel into the nice smooth pot I put in for them ) and my friends are super excited to get their tank up and running with the gear I grabbed!
  7. My first tank!

    Soooo between work and some personal stuff going on I haven't kept this thread up to date, but I have some pictures of my little fellas! I need to remember to take a full tank shot. I just need my two rams, and I will be all set. I love watching my little guys, and the plants seem to be growing nicely. I'm debating getting the tank itself replaced with a new one for my birthday in Feb - same size, just without the scratches.
  8. My first tank!

    Thanks for the tip Joller, I've had a read and it doesn't mention anything about sideways being bad, just having it not completely submerged. My package finally arrived, I will take a pic tomorrow to show the new wood and goodies.
  9. My first tank!

    I am on facebook - don't use it much, but I'll keep an eye out. My filter didn't arrive today, so it is officially late. Is it bad that I'm considering picking up another one since I know Pet City stock the one I wanted and I'll be in there on Sunday anyway, and keep the other as a back up? Hmm...
  10. Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    I've just read through this thread - love the photos of your progress, Delapool!
  11. Hi Dale, welcome to the site. I'm another newbie - grew up in Mackay actually, so originally kind of from around your way! Whitsundays does sound better I think.
  12. Hi Novice! I'm also a newbie, but I don't think I can be classed as returning to the hobby unless you count the poor fish I abused as a teenager, when the only guidance I had was from my lfs. Change all the filter media every two weeks they said. Make sure you rinse everything thoroughly in tap water, they said. I feel so bad for those fish now I know better! Can I ask what the outdoor tubs are for? Aquaponics, or a pond set up?
  13. My first tank!

    I got the Dee Planted Aquarium 90cm from Aquaholics Online. I've also acquired a couple of vals that have gone onto the driftwood. Still waiting on my filter. It was with the couriers on Wednesday, but unfortunately the website I ordered from doesn't supply a tracking number which is super frustrating. I did pick up a master test kit though! I think I've also decided on flame moss rather than Christmas - I prefer the look. Now I just have to track some down haha. >_< Everywhere online seems to be out of stock of any moss except java.
  14. My first tank!

    Yeah, the dwarf hair grass is going to be an experiment more than anything. What I've read is that if the conditions aren't right (substrate, light etc) it won't spread, or will spread thinly. Is that what you experienced? Because of the rental situation and since this is my first go and I feel I've already complicated things for myself enough I don't want to bring in co2 gas, but I'm looking into using flourish excel as an alternative potentially. Pretty sure the tank is still sitting firmly in the 'low light' category! The light I got is 36 watt, and my tank without additions is about 140 litres. The light is probably a bit closer than most - approx 40cm from light to substrate so I'm guessing that will have an impact as well. I'm really happy with the light I got so far though - it's dimmable and has a full light, white light and rgb low light option. It's also super slim, so if I decide I want to increase my lighting I can put in another two without issues which would just about put me to being on the low end of high light territory. Maybe for Christmas. I should take a photo of under the hood, so you can see the space I'm working with - it's not much!
  15. My first tank!

    At the moment the only thing I'm sure of is I don't want java moss. I'm not a huuuuuuge fan of the look, and even though it's super easy everything I read says you can never get rid of it...and I don't want to have it potentially popping up down the track when I really don't want it to. I'm looking into christmas moss as an alternative - I was thinking some anubias on that wood, with christmas moss in between potentially. If that doesn't work out, depending on the look of the mopani when it arrives I will look at using christmas moss on that instead. In the back corner behind the existing wood I was considering valisneria, as that will probably be where the filter goes to help hide it. I've gone with an internal one since there isn't a lot of room between the hood and the tank to have things hanging off, and since we're in a rental I'd like to keep the space take up as small as possible, so avoiding external for the moment. And I just realised I need to turn the heater around so all my cords are coming out the same side... On the other side I'm kind of picturing the mopani, perhaps with some christmas moss as I said earlier and a stone in front of it. I'm leaning more towards blue rams than peacock gudgeons at the moment, and while I'm not setting out to breed them I'd enjoy watching the process if they do, and since I've gone with gravel I'd feel a bit mean if they felt they had to dig a hollow in it. I'd like to have a bunch of lace fern near it too. At the back in the middle I'd like some hygrophilia. Ideally it would be the variation that gets the pinkish/red tipping, so if I do decide to get more intensive lighting and get a bit more into the plant side I have something to play with. From my understanding it will just grow as normal unless high light and potentially iron are supplied. I mostly want to keep the mid to front relatively bare, but was contemplating scattering some dwarf hairgrass through there and seeing what it does.