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  1. Iv kept wild caught tangs an had to keep their water top quality so it’s nothing new to me just always heard discus can be tricky but never really looked into them.
  2. Thinking of getting discus for the first time in my tank . It’s a 6x2x2 . what are the do’s and donts for them ? cheers
  3. My cuz owns the property you go threw to get to gorge . Been ther plenty never been to gorge tho haha
  4. Just in red dragon an hung has bout 10 jacks for sale 8-10 cms. $250 each
  5. Hire a moving truck. You can get some on a normal car licence an should fit it in
  6. Changing a tank from tangs to geos for a change . Just looking for any first hand info. 6x2x2 tank
  7. Goldenswimmers is right the leptos will cross breed . 1 large group would be better . Iv never heard of the variants your looking at could you post some pics ? Rest looks fine just need plenty of rocks for the nigs to hide around an the leleupi can get aggressive also when breeding
  8. Looking for pics of ppls set ups. Changing from tangs to Americans in a display tank an wanna see some set ups. Going to go with a sandy coloured sand an wood with some rocks . Tanks 6x2x2
  9. Your house your rules. If someone bought kids to my place an did the stuff they did at yours them an their parents would be asked to leave without the fish.
  10. Do you leave your females spit in tank shon. I left one female spit 1st mouth full I got an the got eaten.
  11. I got 4-5 out of 6 female lepto kitumbas holding ATM. One just spawned 15 mins ago
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