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  1. I have available a few Skull creek Dwarf rainbow fish that I have bred. They are now big enough and trying to spawn. $6 each. 20-30 available. Located near Fernvale but I work in Brisbane and can arrange to meet closer. Pm if interested.
  2. Some inspiration for you. Teewah Creek.
  3. They are good fun to track down. I haven't checked out the north pine river but have sampled a heap of sunny coast creeks, they are all very similar. I haven't done much looking on the goldy or northern nsw, but they are around. The pretty ones are found in the creeks north of the noosa up to the Mary. Creeks which are close together but don't merge have some amazing differences. This time of year is rubbish though for my preferred method of night time dip netting. Can't wait for spring.
  4. Martin's Creeks look like this. Just woke this one up to get a picture or two.
  5. M.maccullochi had a species revision last year. The ones pictured are most likely M.sahulensis. http://www.rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/sahulensis.htm Commonly sold under the locality type of Skull Creek. If anyone has a bunch of true M.maccullochi (eg. Eubenangee swamp) I am keen to acquire a dozen or so.
  6. When i replied, I wanted to articulate the same thoughts but couldn't quite think of putting it so eloquently. Hahaha
  7. Possession limits of 20 for most small natives in qld. Check the Fisheries regs list for more specifics. But you don't need to take 20, i grabbed just 3 rhads out of Cooloothin creek near Boreen point last summer, they bred and now have heaps.
  8. Saw a massive range at Smith's Aquarium a few weeks back. Various species are available at auction at ANGFA meetings too.
  9. I've never had much luck trapping in the cooler months, they seem not that hungry. My preferred method of night time dip netting can even be hit and miss during the winter. Bring on summer....
  10. I'm sure they already know. http://www.ausfish.com.au/vforum/archive/index.php/t-170306.html That's dated November 2010. Looks like they originated from a farm dam near woodford. I'm bewildered that I haven't noticed them before this summer. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. Some more Pearls, this time from Lake Wivenhoe. The kids caught these just after dark at the Kipper creek access point a couple of nights ago. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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