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  1. Please update all auctions/meetings for this year
  2. 3 tanks $50 ono 3x18x18 4x18x18 4x18x (15 or 18) The 2nd 4x18x18 will be good for display. The 3x18x18 a good breeder. The 3rd 4x18x (15 or 18) will be good as a reptile /terrarium. Need gone asap Txt 0497166618 Pickup only in clayfield
  3. I have 3 tanks if anyone wants a project. $50 ono 3x18x18, 4x15x15 (or? 4x18x18 but really dirty) and a 4x18x18. Need gone asap
  4. You'll be able to get the blues and white types now
  5. It's best to go as big as tank as you can. A small tank like that will be a lot more work and the temp will fluctuate a lot, unless you have a chiller or the place is air-conditioned. You have to be on top of the water changes and make sure you keep a very close eye on the water conditions. Fish only will let the temp be able to be higher then if you have corals.
  6. I have some Lagos atm, I'd have to look at the tank and see what there are in there (I know there's atleast 3 and 2 r males) And I have a gardneri trio. Male has the Gold gene and 2 normal females. I was thinking of crossing the auction fish back over those....
  7. The killie's were Gardner gold... NOT australie gold.... Big difference!
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