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  1. See " Brisbane Fish Auctions" page on fb too for any of the Cichlids and maybe some other bits and pieces, Also upcoming auctions, events, market days, field trips ect can be listed. Any club/organisation can list their aquarium related events (maybe reptile events too in the future ?)
  2. Are they going to do the online, website thing??
  3. Hi, looking for a 4x2x2 tank with stand. Does not have to be display quality by any means as I only require it for a breeding tank. Can be dirty, I'll clean it no problems, BUT, it MUST hold water and be water tight. The only ("major") problem, is that I need it delivered to clayfield. I can come to yours and help load, then unload at mine No laminated tanks either thanks Txt 0497166618 for any offers please.
  4. The 3 brown/red rocks to the left are sold, still have the 2 drilled lava rocks. Have the other plants and wood still
  5. Tm. Mpulungu $60 each 10/$500 (min of 10) have 30. Beautiful active fish. F1 ( wc imp by Lloyd) Deals on 20/30 Txt 0497166618 pick up only clayfield
  6. Good quality ornaments as new, not needed and selling cheap. $10 each (the 5 rocks are $25 as in other ads) the rocks alone are $15-$20/kg - there's 5kgs Make an offer for the lot. Advertised elsewhere Txt 0497166618 pick up only clayfield
  7. Tm. Moliro 10+cm male and sexed by the tropheus guru Lloyd Ashton as male $25 1 only Pick up clayfield (Brisbane area)
  8. It's not a sales group. It's a page that tells people in the Brisbane area when and where the next auction is on and if someone can be bothered, the list of fish that were auctioned and what they went for.
  9. I have flagy if you need it The dose rate is 400mgm /40lt repeated each day for 7days retreat if really bad.
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