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  1. RedDragonDiscus

    WTB 6x1x2

    Can get 3 6x2x2 - just tanks no lids $200each
  2. RedDragonDiscus

    Wtb appisto's

    What do you have?
  3. RedDragonDiscus

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    You'll be able to get the blues and white types now
  4. RedDragonDiscus

    Wanting to start saltwater nano tank

    It's best to go as big as tank as you can. A small tank like that will be a lot more work and the temp will fluctuate a lot, unless you have a chiller or the place is air-conditioned. You have to be on top of the water changes and make sure you keep a very close eye on the water conditions. Fish only will let the temp be able to be higher then if you have corals.
  5. RedDragonDiscus

    Auction last night

    I have some Lagos atm, I'd have to look at the tank and see what there are in there (I know there's atleast 3 and 2 r males) And I have a gardneri trio. Male has the Gold gene and 2 normal females. I was thinking of crossing the auction fish back over those....
  6. RedDragonDiscus

    Auction last night

    The killie's were Gardner gold... NOT australie gold.... Big difference!